Teenage country singer Lauren Alaina is counting her lucky stars after recently undergoing successful vocal cord surgery.

The former American Idol runner-up reveals she had the operation done over the summer (14) after her doctor warned she may face more serious problems in the future if she didn't deal with the health issue soon.

She tells America's ABC News Radio, "I had to do it. There was really no other choice for me."

The bubbly 19 year old had to stay silent for days after the surgery and she admits it proved to be a tough challenge.

She explains, "Eight days after that (surgery) I could talk for five minutes a day, which, you might as well just not talk at that point. I mean, what are you going to say in five minutes? Have you met me?"

Alaina is now well on the road to recovery and she is grateful to still be able to pursue her love of music.

She adds, "I just started singing again, and I can still do that, so that's great news. 'Cause I was scared to death..."