Screen veteran Lauren Bacall believes her children were emotionally scarred after growing up in the shadow of their late father, Hollywood legend HUMPHREY BOGART.

The Hollywood couple had been married for nearly 12 years when the OSCAR-winning CASABLANCA star tragically died of throat cancer at 57-years-old - not living to see his two children grow up.

The 80-year-old former actress believes her eldest son STEPHEN BOGART - who now runs the Bogart Estate - was most effected from growing up under the pressure of Bogart's esteemed reputation.

She says, "I have not grown old with anyone, but Bogie's children had no father at all.

"They are scarred by it. Steve is emotionally scarred. Can you imagine what it like for him? People asking the whole time, 'Oh, you are Bogart's son - what was he like?' He would ask me: 'Did my father ever make a mistake?'.

"It's nobody's fault. Luck of the draw."

06/02/2005 23:23