More tragic news from Hollywood this week – actress Lauren Bacall has died at the age of 89. Bacall is one of the most recognized faces from the golden age of Hollywood and an actress hailed for her grace, wit and stunning looks. The actress’s own presence and sense of self never failed to match the celebrity of Humphrey Bogart, to whom she was married until his death in 1957. The Bogart estate announced that Bacall had died Tuesday at her apartment in the Dakota, according to the New York Daily News.

Lauren Bacall
Bacall was one of the icons of her generation and Hollywood in general.

Tall, slender and confident, Bacall was always one to grab the attention of those around her. But it was her tough, no nonsense attitude, that friends and colleagues remember her by. Having grown up in the Bronx, Bacall became the “dame-est of the dames” as actor John Cusack put it in his tweet on Tuesday.

Bacall’s career in cinema stretched over eight spectacular decades and she won two Tony Awards, a Golden Globe, the Kennedy Center Honors and an honorary Oscar in her lifetime. In 1999, she was named one of the 25 most important women in Hollywood history by the American Film Institute.

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She was one of the few women to associate with Frank Sinatra’s “Rat Pack”, allegedly coining up with that very moniker. Bacall made her name and cinema history with her very first role in To Have and Have Not, in which she starred opposite Humphrey Bogart. 

Lauren Bacall
She broke into the industry with her very first film, but she resisted any kind of designation throughout her career.