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14th August 2014

Fact: The marquees of Broadway's theatres will be dimmed for a minute for the second time this week on Friday (15Aug14) as a tribute to late Tony Award-winning actress Lauren Bacall, who died on Tuesday (12Aug14), aged 89. The lights on Broadway were also dimmed on Wednesday (13Aug14) to honour tragic funnyman Robin Williams.

3rd February 2011

Quote: "I'm sure a lot of people don't like me... but I wasn't put on earth to be liked." Veteran actress Lauren Bacall doesn't care if she's popular.

2nd February 2011

Quote: "Worst thing I've ever done... this best day in my life was one of the worst... My three children were sitting there, and I never talked about them... That's as bad a thing as I've ever done. I just went blank." Lauren Bacall regrets leaving her kids out of her acceptance speech after receiving her honourary Oscar in 2009.

18th November 2009

Quote: "The thought that when I get home, that I'm gonna have a two-legged man in my room is so exciting, I can hardly stand." Lauren Bacall on accepting her first Oscar - an honorary Academy Award at the Governors Awards on Saturday night (14Nov09).

28th November 2007

Quote: "I'm called LAUREN by people who don't know me well. My friends all call me Betty... although Nicole Kidman calls me Lauren and we're friends, so I suppose it's the way you feel about somebody. When you're a real pal you don't call me Lauren." Movie veteran Lauren Bacall, who was christened BETTY JOAN PERSKE.

17th October 2007

Quote: "I was just hoping to see her naked, so I could see what Bogey saw. But I saw nothing!" Moviemaker Rob Reiner on hoping to catch his hero Humphrey Bogart's lover Lauren Bacall nude while directing her in 1990 film MISERY.

10th October 2007

Fact: Kate Bosworth, Jennifer Connelly, Diane Lane, Amy Adams and Lauren Bacall have been named among the recipients of this year's (07) Elle Magazine Women In Hollywood awards.

28th July 2007

Quote: "The old days were great, but they don't exist any more. So why upset myself thinking about them?" Veteran actress Lauren Bacall refuses to waste her time reminiscing over her career.

24th July 2007

Quote: "Sex? I don't even remember the word." Legendary actress Lauren Bacall's love life has slowed in her old age.

24th July 2006

Quote: "Lauren Bacall will do the one-armed push-up bit to Elton John's ROCKET MAN. Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown will take the staff down to the basement and teach them how to freebase myrrh (corr). It's festive." Funnyman Martin Short jokes about his famous celebrity Christmas parties.

9th December 2005

Fact: <p>Hollywood veteran Lauren Bacall joined fans outside the Dakota building in New York City paying tribute to late BEATLE John Lennon on the 25th anniversary of his murder yesterday (08DEC05). </p>

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