For a few months now, rumours have been swirling around Lauren Cohan and her role as Maggie Greene in long-running AMC series 'The Walking Dead'. It had been confirmed by a number of outlets that the star was looking for more money as one of the show's leading characters, and with her contract at an end following her time filming season 8, she was open to negotiations.

Lauren Cohan is officially making her 'Walking Dead' returnLauren Cohan is officially making her 'Walking Dead' return

Recent weeks haven't offered any new information other than the fact she hadn't yet come to an agreement with the show's production company, but now it's finally been announced by the actress herself that she would be returning to 'The Walking Dead'.

The news came in a chat from CinemaCon in Las Vegas, where she told EW: "I'm going back. There's a lot more Maggie story to tell. You know we're not allowed to tell you anything, but it's good."

Clearly passionate about making her comeback and ensuring Maggie's story is told in the right way, it's great for audiences to hear that this fan-favourite will be returning. Exactly how Cohan's schedule filming the pilot for potential new series 'Whiskey Cavalier' is going to work out with her 'Walking Dead' return remains to be seen, but we imagine there will be a lot of talk behind-the-scenes to ensure she's spread evenly across the properties if the new ABC show is picked up to series.

Last time viewers saw Maggie in 'The Walking Dead', she was clearly aggravated by the fact Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) didn't kill off the villainous Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) when he had the chance. Instead, Negan is being kept as a prisoner, in a bid by Rick to change the violent way in which survivors have started to deal with one another.

Maggie isn't down with this plan, and instead has hopes of taking matters into her own hands a little further down the line. Seeing exactly how she does that will make for a thrilling narrative, and we can't wait to see it all go down, with Cohan in the driving seat!

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We'll bring you more news surrounding 'The Walking Dead' as and when we get it.