After catching up with the Olsen sisters we’ve been thinking about what other celebrities we haven’t seen for a while. Remember how utterly entranced by The Hills we all were? Every now and then LC crops up, but what are the rest of the cast up to these days?

Lauren Conrad stood alone as the voice of moral reason for most of The Hills. While other cast members acted atrociously towards one another, LC stood for loyalty and honesty. Not comprising her ethical stance for ‘good’ television paid off and Lauren is now more successful than ever. She’s written a series of novels aimed at young adults as well as becoming known as a bona fide beauty guru. She has her own fashion line and has recently announced her engagement to guitarist William Tell.

lauren conrad the hillsLauren Conrad still has a successful career after The Hills

When LC quit The Hills just before it’s final season none of us could see how the show would possibly be able to continue. Enter Lauren’s Laguna Beach co-star Krisin Cavallari who became the focal character in The Hills' concluding season. Kristin has since made cameos in movies as well as competing on Dancing With The Stars. She’s married to quarterback Jay Cutler and the pair have one son, Camden, while Kristin is currently expecting their second child. She's also set to be a co-host on E! Show 'The Fabulist' which is coming soon. 

LC and Kristin may have made peace years ago, but don’t expect these two to be seen shopping for wedding dresses and baby clothes together anytime soon as Lauren has revealed the pair are not on speaking terms.

Audrina Patridge continued down the reality TV path, appearing on Dancing With the Stars and her own show, Audrina. She’s also in a bikini, a lot.

Heidi and Spencer filed for bankruptcy in 2010 and have recently admitted that they blew through $10,000,000 since The Hills. The pair have appeared on I’m a Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here as well as Celebrity Big Brother in the UK. Fortunately, the couple seem a lot more grounded since losing all of their money and not appearing on the cover of the celeb mags every week.  We've got to admit, Spencer is even, dare we say it, quite likeable these days.  Heidi has also admitted being in touch with Lauren on the odd occasion, we'd love to see these two make friends again!

heidi and spencer the hillsHeidi and Spencer admitted blowing $10 million

LC’s bad-boy ex Jason Wahler hasn’t managed to stay on the straight and narrow, being involved in six alcohol related arrests in the past seven years. This hasn’t hindered his love life and Wahler is now married to model Ashley Slack.

Bad-boy ex No. 2, although this one was Audrina’s (and Kristin’s...), Justin “Bobby” Brescia now owns his own hair salon. We’re so not surprised.

We love Lo! Lo Bosworth is now living in New York City and is in a relationship with businessman Jeremy Globeron. She has recently launched her own business, a nifty little startup which delivers party kits right to your house.

Booooo! Hisssss! Jen Bunney AKA The Brody Snatcher lives in LA and is engaged. We’re just kidding by the way, we don’t hate Jen Bunney at all, we’re pleased to hear that she is working in the health sector and looking to go back and study at graduate school.

Which casts of your favourite shows that are no longer on television would you like to catch up with?  Would you like to see a Heidi/Lauren reunion?

Watch Lauren Conrad promoting her book at Barnes & Noble: