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Lauren Hutton: Sex Is My Beauty Secret

Lauren Hutton has revealed sex is her beauty secret.The 77-year-old model believes getting intimate with someone can be great for helping her maintain glowing skin as it is great exercise.She said: "Making love is pretty...

Lauren Hutton's Signature Style Tips

Lauren Hutton thinks people aren't born with style.The veteran model, who has graced the cover of VOGUE magazine an impressive 28 times, believes looking good takes effort and advises women to spend time discovering what...

Lauren Hutton's Nude Modelling Shots Up For Sale

Nude snaps of a teenage Lauren Hutton taken in 1962 are set to go under the hammer.The collection of risque modelling shots featuring the then-19-year-old beauty posing in various stages of undress are now up...

Brad Pitt Face Of Women's Perfume

Brad Pitt is the new face of Chanel No.5.The 48-year-old 'World War Z' actor will make history as the famous fragrance's first male model.According to E! Online, Pitt will shoot his first campaign in London...

Tom Ford's Womanly Designs

Tom Ford wants his latest collection to appeal to "real women".The designer - who has returned to womenswear after a six-year break and put on a show at New York Fashion Week with a cast...

Hutton Turned Down Cigarette Deal

Modelling icon LAUREN HUTTON once turned down a lucrative cigarette ad deal, even though she was a smoker - because she didn't want to "push" nicotine on young girls.The 66-year-old fashion queen reveals she was...

Hutton Recovering After Surfing Accident

Former supermodel LAUREN HUTTON's recent vacation in Hawaii almost ended in tragedy after she collided with a fellow surfer. The 65 year old was paddling in the shallow waters off the coast of Hawaii earlier this...

Hutton Has Champagne Cup Breasts

Sexy 60-something LAUREN HUTTON has created a new breast term after baring all on plastic surgery drama NIP/TUCK - 'champagne cups'. The model/actress came up with the phrase to describe her character's breasts on the...

Hutton Plans Hang Gliding Adventure

Former supermodel LAUREN HUTTON's serious motorcycle crash in 2000 hasn't dampened her enthusiasm for adventure - she's now taken up hang gliding as a hobby. The AMERICAN GIGOLO star is an avid motorcycle enthusiast...

Mcqueen Tops Lauren.s Sex List

Original supermodel LAUREN HUTTON is crediting her ex-boyfriend STEVE McQUEEN as Hollywood's greatest lover - because he was the first to show her what great sex was. The model admits she's been blessed with...

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