Lauren Silverman will visit Simon Cowell on his £40 million yacht next week, according to reports.

The socialite - who is pregnant with the music mogul's first baby - settled her divorce this week and she has apparently told friends she will visit the 'X Factor' boss in the next few days.

According to reports in the Daily Mirror newspaper, Lauren, 36, and Simon, 53, are still ''very much together'' after her divorce from ex-husband Andrew was finalised on Wednesday (14.08.13), when they both agreed to joint custody of their son Adam, seven.

While news of the secret romance came as a shock to the world when reports first surfaced, 'Britain's Got Talent' judge David Walliams revealed his boss trusted him with the news before it became public.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper's TV Magazine, he said: ''I'd known for a little while but I was incredibly good at keeping it a secret.

''I realised I had this incredibly piece of information but it was a private thing and I had to respect that.

''Simon lives in the public eye, however this is about a new life coming into the world.''

While Lauren was recently slated by a former schoolmate and has come under criticism for her affair with the star, David, 41, was quick to defend her and called her a ''lovely lady''.

He said: ''I've met Lauren a few times with Simon and some of these weird depictions I've read of her don't ring true.

''She's a lovely lady and I'm thrilled for them both. He'll be a fantastic father as he is brilliant with kids.

''He's incredibly generous with his time for them on 'BGT' and visits a lot of hospices. There's this perception of him as a bit of a Bond villain, but he's really quite cuddly.''