Lawson say their new single could teach Taylor Swift a lesson in love.

The band are releasing 'Learn To Love Again' on February 3, and say the story it tells gives a fitting response to Taylor's recent hit 'We are Never Getting Back Together'.

Bass player Ryan Fletcher told BANG Showbiz: ''It's about whether you can learn to love somebody again. Maybe you have some time apart and see different people and then get back together, and if that happens, you know they are really the one for you.

''You could say it's the opposite of 'We are Never Getting Back Together' - we're giving Taylor Swift a lesson there.''

Ryan added the band - which also includes Andy Brown, Joel Peat, Adam Pitts - have already been working on tracks for the follow up to their debut, 'Chapman Square', and have one song they'd love Taylor to appear on after they recently found out she is a fan of their work.

He added: ''We love her and we know that she's a fan of the band as well. She came over when we played The O2 arena in London and said she loves the album, I don't think it would be a million miles off to ask someone like her to sing on it.

''But we'd have to take her to one side and say, 'Look, I've heard your last album, and don't get me wrong, I like it, but you've got to man up.' ''

Lawson have also been confirmed as performing at this year's Isle of Wight festival, which will be held on the island - located just off the coast of southern England - between June 13 and 16.