Dressed in character as Rachel Berry, Lea Michele has continued her gradual emergence from mourning the death of recently deceased boyfriend and Glee co-star Cory Monteith by tweeting a picture of herself on the set of the hit Fox show. Michele is currently filming scenes for the fifth season of the show, and uploaded the image of herself sat at the end of a bed looking contemplatively into the distance.

Lea Michele Baby Shower
Michele looked in high spirits at last when she attended Jamie-Lynn Sigler's baby shower

As heartbreaking as the image is, one positive we can take from the snap is that it serves as evidence that Michele is moving on from the tragic loss of Monteith and isn't finding herself lost in a spiral of depression after losing such an important part of her life.

Although most of season 5 had already been shot before Monteith's death, changes had to be made to accomodate his sudden disappearance from the show, and a special tribute episode is also being made to celebrate the life of the young actor. Tweeting; "Feels so good to be home ... #GleeSeason5," we're unable to determine whether the picture is from the tribute episode or not.

The show is due to return to Fox's scheduling on 26 September, one week later than initially planned, with the third episode of the season, aired around 10 October, announced as the special tribute show where Monteith's character, Finn Hudson, is written out of the show.

This particular episode, which is said to feature heavy involvement from Michele, was discussed by Fox Entertainment chairman Kevin Reilly recently, when he explained what the episode may entail and that the show will probably only continue for one more season.

"[The show] will deal directly with the incidents involved with Cory's passing and the drug abuse in particular," Reilly said, going on to discuss the future of the show, saying, "I would not anticipate it goes on. Never say never, but there's two very clear arcs to get to there and conclude. If we discover a new crop of kids and there's some breakout, who knows? But right now, it's being treated as [ending after] two seasons."

Lea Michele
Michele is working on the tribute episode