For someone who lost her boyfriend barely four months ago, Lea Michele has been inspiringly productive. The Glee actress has been seen recently flaunting her body in Elle Magazine, partying with The Muppets, attending rehearsals for her upcoming 2014 solo album and now has filmed her first music video.

The 27 year-old singer and actress was out of action for a month after her boyfriend, Glee co-star Cory Monteith, died but has got back on the horse fast and in a big way as she sets her sights on a credible career in music beyond Glee. The news that the long-running high school musical series will draw to a close after the next season wasn't easy for many die-hard Glee fans to accept but, at least with Michele sparking off her own career separate from the show, now those fans will have something to cling to.

Cory Monteith Lea Michele
Cory's Death Left A Hole In Lea's Heart.

Brand new photos posted on Michele's Twitter page show monitor images of the star looking glamorous in her new music video as well as pictures of the video's set with some interesting looking props and scenery. "SO EXCITED SHOOTING MY VERY FIRST MUSIC VIDEO TODAY FOR THE FIRST ALBUM SINGLE!" she wrote excitedly and described the shoot as an "incredible day."

There's been no word on Michele's first single or the album title but she has recorded her own Cory Monteith tribute song, entitled 'You're Mine.' "The album was done, and the label said, 'Do you want to add anything?'" she explained, via The Daily Mail. "I was like, 'I might regret it if I don't.' It makes me so happy, this song. It makes me think so much of Cory. It was ours. When I think if him, I play this."

Lea Michele
Lea Sets Her Sights Upon A Bright Future.

The snaps serve as a sneak peek for her fans before her music video is officially released and stand to show that the star as recovered her strength and learned to manage her heartbreak after Monteith's tragic overdose.

Her debut solo album will see dreams that Lea has been working on for some time come into fruition. There has been no official album release date announced yet but we should at least expect a single by the new year.