Lea Michele feels ''lucky'' to have ''supportive'' friends.

The former 'Glee' actress adores her female pals and is particularly grateful they are never in competition with one another.

She said: ''I feel like I've been really lucky to have found such a great group of girlfriends. I feel like competition and negativity grow hate -- it's such a common thing that you see -- and I'm so grateful to have such a strong, supportive group of girls around me.''

One of the 28-year-old beauty's friends is Kate Hudson, and Lea admires the 'Almost Famous' actress for her positive attitude and self-confidence.

She told People magazine: ''She lives her life every single day with such happiness and more than anything she's so confident in her skin, and I really do believe that she enjoys every day on this planet.''

Meanwhile, while she may be best known as a brunette, the 'Scream Queens' actress is considering lightening her locks, though she knows that will upset at least one of her pals.

She said: ''Jane Lynch said to me at work one day, 'Don't be one of those girls that dyes your hair blonde,' and I was like 'Oh, I would never, Jane. I'm never going to dye my hair blonde.

''But last night I thought maybe that 'bronde' thing that's happening right now -- the brown-blonde. I think I'm gonna wait until 'Scream Queens' is done though!''