Leah Weller takes her ''fashion inspiration'' from her father, Paul.

The model daughter of the sharp suited rocker - often referred to as 'The Modfather' - says his fashion choices have had a big influence on the way she dresses and she loves the way he stays in style despite being in his 50s.

She said: ''I definitely get fashion inspiration from my dad. I love the way he dresses, love his clothes.''

As well as being a fashion icon - spending several months of each year on the catwalks of Japan - Leah also has musical aspirations and wants to follow in her 'Town Called Malice' singer father's footsteps.

She added to Tatler magazine: ''Modelling's cool, but it's also, like, I have to make music. I'm working towards an album. And I DJ. It's a passion.''

Leah, 21, has previously described her style as being across between Rihanna and Madonna.

She said: ''They always dress the way they I'd like to dress. I really like their stage outfits.

I might be copying some of their style! Rihanna a little more I guess.''