Leann Rimes has been forced to postpone shows after suffering a bleed on her vocal cord.

The 'Can't Fight the Moonlight' hitmaker has been struck down with flu and "violent" coughing caused the injury to her vocal cord.

LeAnn is heartbroken to have to reschedule Friday's (09.12.22) concert at the Riverside Casino and Golf Resort in Iowa and The Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee on Saturday (10.12.22).

The shows will now take place on September 29, 2023, and April 8, 2023, respectively.

In a handwritten note, LeAnn said: “It completely and utterly breaks my heart to have to announce that I will be rescheduling this weekend’s shows.

“While sick with the flu, my doctor discovered a bleed on my vocal cord, caused by the violent cough that came along with being sick. I am getting better, but I am unable to talk or sing… doctor’s orders!”

She added: “I am devastated to have to do this as there was nothing more that I was looking forward to than celebrating the holidays with you. Please check your emails for rescheduled information and I will see you very soon.”

The gigs are part of the 'Joy: The Holiday Show' jaunt, which is now scheduled to kick off again on December 16.

Meanwhile, LeAnn previously opened up about the "pretty heavy depression" she suffered amid the coronavirus pandemic, and how her feelings were "intense" when she returned to live performing for the first time.

Speaking on the 'Verywell Mind' podcast, she said: “I don’t think I’ve ever been off the road for 16 months like this at one point for a solid period of time. I went back out to do my first show recently in front of thousands of people. I was so triggered.

“I’m like, oh my God, the experience that I’m having right now is so intense. And it was also like, nothing happened. I walked out, it’s like riding a bike, it didn’t feel like there were 16 months in between.

"I recognised when I went out, how unhealthy some of this [was]. I’m like, this is not the normal experience that I’m supposed to be having. And I’ve been having this heightened, energetic experience for my whole life.”