Leann Rimes says Kate Moss is her style role model.

The 32-year-old musician praised the 40-year-old supermodel for her fashion sense and for always making dressing well look easy as well as acknowledging designer Nicole Richie.

She gushed: ''I love the rock 'n' roll effortlessness of Kate Moss. She's very girlie but has a rough-around-the-edges vibe. And I love Nicole Richie; she has beautiful style.''

Talking about her own look, the star - who wed 'Sunset Beach' actor Eddie Cibrian in 2011 - said she attempts to emulate her inspiration's slightly grungy look.

When asked to describe her style, she said: ''Bohemian rock-ish classic chic. I feel like you can put the word chic after everything and make it cool!''

Although she is a lover of fashion, the 'Can't Fight The Moonlight' singer confessed that in the past, she has had body confidence issues because of an exceptionally bad skin condition, admitting that she found it difficult growing up in the public eye because of the aesthetics of her skin.

She said: ''I've had psoriasis since I was two. I had it on 80 percent of my body by the time I was six - huge patches that would bleed and itch. I went through such self-esteem issues, being in the public eye.''

Thankfully, the star has now taken control of the condition and her skin has healed, leaving her much happier with her image as a whole.

She added: ''I've been on a drug for ten years that's kept me clear, but trust me, when people tell me I have pretty skin, that's like the biggest compliment because I know how much I struggled.''