Leann Rimes prays for forgiveness every day for having an affair with Eddie Cibrian.

The 30-year-old singer admits she's so guilt ridden by the 2009 infidelity that ended her eight-year marriage to Dean Sheremet that she's haunted by it every day, even she and Eddie have stayed together and married in April 2011.

Speaking on ET Wednesday, she said: ''I've definitely asked for forgiveness on a daily basis. We are human beings who are going to sin and make mistakes, and if you have that connection, for me, is something that I feel is bigger than me, it's not something that's unusual to do.''

The 'Can't Fight The Moonlight' hitmaker has based her new album 'Spitfire' on the cheating scandal - which also destroyed Eddie's marriage with Brandi Glanville with whom he has two children, Mason, nine, and Jake, five - in a bid to address untrue rumours surrounding the romance and bring some sort of closure.

She said: ''People have had the lies to twist for so long, they can have the truth to twist now.''

LeAnn recently dropped the bombshell that she's concerned the American actor might cheat on her because of the way their romance started, but insists their relationship is stronger than ever.

She said previously: ''I would be ignorant to say and every one would think I was a liar if I didn't say yes, at times [I worry about him cheating on me], but where I'm at in my relationship with Eddie, I do not worry, that's not in the front of my mind ever. It's definitely creeped into my mind, like I think it would anyone's.''