Leann Rimes' rep claims Brandi Glanville is the one who needs help.

Following 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star's most recent attack on her rival - in which she branded LeAnn ''unstable'' and advised her to seek medical help - the country singer's publicist Marcel Pariseau has sent a scathing email to E! News hitting back at Brandi and her own drinking habits.

He wrote: ''Brandi might consider getting some help with her drinking. If you watch her show, read her book and follow her tweets, she is constantly referring to her drinking.

''Even the title of her book has the word drinking in it. In fact, she was arrested for a DUI. It is a fact that after a night of drinking in Vegas she married her ex-best friend's ex-husband.''

Brandi, 40, and 30-year-old LeAnn's long-standing public feud - which began when LeAnn had an affair with Brandi's then-husband Eddie Cibrian - has spiralled out of control since the reality star began promoting her memoir 'Drinking & Tweeting and other Brandi Blunders'.

Marcel claims she is only keeping the spat going for the media attention.

He vented: ''Brandi is one of the most narcissistic people around. She never takes responsibility for anything. Basically everyone past and present is at fault but no fault lies with her. Read the description of Narcissistic Personality Disorder and tell me what you think?''

The feisty blonde previously blasted Eddie for not supporting their children Mason, nine, and Jake, five, but Marcel claims all of Brandi's spare cash actually goes on her expensive facial filler treatments.

He added: ''She makes it sound like they are scraping by but read her book where she devotes a whole page to what she does to her face; fillers, Botox, skin treatments, etc.

''All of that doesn't come cheap. Eddie pays for all of the boys expenses like school, sports, clothing, etc.''