Legendary Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant has smashed his sex symbol status by insisting he stayed faithful to his wife during the band's extensive tours during the late 1960s and 1970s.

The STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN singer married his first wife MAUREEN in 1968, shortly after he was spotted by Jimmy Page performing with the group HOBBSTWEEDLE, and she helped him through the tragic death of their five-year-old son KARAC in 1977.

Even though Plant was later divorced from Maureen, they remain close friends and talk regularly.

He says, "I was monogamous and very happy to be so. It was one home, one wife, one family. We went through a lot together and there was a quiet, unspoken understanding of what it was all about."

But Maureen is still unconvinced her former husband remained faithful during the 1970s.

Plant continues, "A couple of months ago Maureen said to me, 'I've seen a picture of you in a book with some girl in 1971 in such-and-such.'

"It must have been somebody else's friend, because how the f**k do I know who it was or where it was or anything else?"

04/05/2005 17:26