Simon Brodkin, better known by his comedy personas Lee Nelson or Jason Bent, attempted to snag a free trip to Miami with the England football team as they fly out to prepare for the World Cup in Brazil later this month.

Lee NelsonLee Nelson nearly managed to make it onto the England plane

He dressed himself up identically to the squad with his matching grey suit, and even had his passport in hand ready to board the plane. But those eagle-eyed security bods soon spotted the irregularity and escorted him away from the official team bus at Luton Airport, the England players looking on with a mixture of bewilderment and delight. 

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Brodkin was spoken to by a police officer before leaving the area. A Bedfordshire Police spokesman said: "Officers were assisting private security at Landmark Aviation when a man managed to enter the area and approached the England team bus. This man was quickly apprehended, taken away from the scene and given some strong police advice about his future conduct."

Brodkin’s Nelson has previous in this field; he was arrested for ‘stealing’ his own DVD back in November 2013. A spokesperson for Brodkin said at the time: "He was doing a signing for his DVD at HMV in Oxford Street, and as a treat for his fans he 'stole' one of his own DVDs, then was chased around the store by an actor dressed up as a police officer.

“Somehow they ended up out on the pavement, where a real police community support officer got involved, thinking it was a theft taking place. Shoppers were looking on and buses were stopping. It was all very dramatic. The community support officer brought him back into the store where it was explained that it hadn't been a real theft taking place,” they added.