Lee Thompson Young was found dead at his home on Monday (19 August) this week, having apparently taken his own life by shooting himself. As police continue their investigation into his death, the reasons behind it are becoming more and more mysterious, as revelations into his personal life do not indicate that he was suffering from any kind of depression or that he was battling any addictions. The scene where he was found was also void of any suicide note, and so far police and friends and relatives of Young are still contemplating what really happened in his last few hours.

This Tuesday (20 August), the New York Daily News reported that police investigating the scene of his death have so far found the gun that Young apparently turned on himself, but have found little else to suggest that Young decided to take his own life. A Los Angeles Police Officer told the NY Daily News that they are still looking for further indications that Young took his own life and although they are investigating his death as a suicide, they have not ruled out the possibility that his death may be more complex. He said, "It's still a mystery. Evidently he was a clean-cut kid who didn't use alcohol and had no reported drug problem."

"He was ill. You don't just do this," one of Young's childhood friends also told the NYDN. He also added that Young practiced Yoruba, a West African-based religion found predominantly in Nigeria and Benin, and was deeply involved in his faith, having recently visited Nigeria with his mother for a Yoruban ceremony. His friend added, "he was very close to his mother and sister. He had a great support network. He had his local priest and lots of good friends who were like family, including the 'Rizzoli' cast."

Lee Thompson Young
Lee attending a birthday party in 2008

His suicide has been linked to a secret battle with depression, one that not even his strong ties to the religious community could combat. His friend noted that Young was simply "too sensitive" for this world, which is probably the main reason behind his untimely death. The friend added, "He wouldn't even play characters that were bad. He was all about good."

Since his death was announced, TNT have halted production on the Boston-based crime series Rizzoli & Isles and have said that it was "too soon" to begin contemplating how to write his character, Detective Barry Frost, from the show. The show's executive plan to keep the show in limbo for at least a week before moving on, with a special tribute show for the young actor expected to surface at some point in the season. We'll keep you updated on the progress of the show and the investigation into Young's death as it develops.