Review of My Soul Album by Leela James

She is critically acclaimed by the hard core press in America, her peers have openly admitted that she is one of the best performers that they have ever seen live and on Thursday July 29th you have the chance to see for yourself as she comes over to the UK to perform @ The Pigalle Club, Piccadilly, London.

Leela James My Soul Album

Moving onto Ms. James' new album 'My Soul', first up is the track "So Cold" which offers cutting edge soul music of the highest degree, the keyboards, snares and hand claps all produce the perfect back drop for the kinda vocal performance that the likes of Chaka Khan would be only too proud of. "The Fact Is" offers a more retro melodic feel similar in quality and feel as Angie Stone at her very best. Of course we as journalists look for similarities to try and explain how the artist sounds or how an album feels but Leela is a very original and unique artist and this is no more evident than on the breathtaking single "Tell Me You Love Me", vocally the jaw droppingly talented Ms. James absolutely smashes the ball outta the ground for a home run. This track deserves to be a worldwide smash for all the right reasons. It oozes quality from every angle production, lyrically and vocally.

"Supa Luva" offers a more sultry and seductive vocal style which is very pleasing on this ear. For Motown and Winehouse fans I am sure "Let It Roll" will more than suffice. The icing on the cake comes via the almost haunting sounding "It's Over", the droning bass line driven keyboards and another full on power vocal from Leela shows why this lady is so critically acclaimed. All in all this is another solid album from Leela that deserves your attention.



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