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Derek Cianfrance To Direct Ryan Gosling's Wolfman

Derek Cianfrance will direct Ryan Gosling in 'Wolfman'.The 47-year-old filmmaker is set to link up with Gosling once more after they previously collaborated on 'Blue Valentine' and 'The Place Beyond the Pines'.Derek has replaced Leigh...

Patrick Wilson Will Direct Insidious 5

Patrick Wilson is to direct 'Insidious 5'.The 47-year-old actor has played the role of Josh Lambert - who has the ability to astral project - in the supernatural horror series and has now been asked...

Saw Legend Tobin Bell Is Not A Horror Fan

Tobin Bell doesn't consider himself to be a ''real'' fan of horror movies.The 77-year-old actor is an icon of the genre for his portrayal of the murderous Jigsaw in the 'Saw' franchise but believes others...

Leigh Whannell To Helm Ryan Gosling Horror The Wolfman

Leigh Whannell is set to direct Ryan Gosling's horror flick 'The Wolfman'.As reported by Deadline, the 'Invisible Man' helmer is said to have initially turned down the job, before Blumhouse boss Jason Blum boarded the...

Tobin Bell Gives Blessing To New Jigsaw In Saw

Tobin Bell would be comfortable with someone else playing Jigsaw.The 77-year-old actor has portrayed the sadistic John Kramer/Jigsaw in eight movies in the 'Saw' franchise, but admits he would happily give his blessing to another...

'Insidious' And 'Spy' Are Neck And Neck At Us Box Office

As ticket sales for Dwayne Johnson's San Andreas cool off a little, two very different films are vying for the number-one spot this week: the third (but probably not the last) instalment of the Insidious...

'Insidious: Chapter 3' Serves As Leigh Whannell's Directorial Debut

With the third 'Insidious' movie, writer-actor Leigh Whannell makes the jump to directing. Which was his plan all along. "I always knew I wanted to direct a film," he says. "There was a period there...

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