Leland Orser makes his directorial debut – and stars – in Morning, a film that focuses on the inner torment of two parents after their child dies. This is five days in the life of Alice (Jeanne Tripplehorn) and Mark (Orser) as they attempt to deal with death and forge love once more.

Leland OrserOrser directs for the first time in Morning

Mark’s grief leads him to separation – he cannot stand to be around his wife any more. The opening scene in the trailer sees him sitting in an empty pool -presumably because of the accidental drowning death of their child - on his own. An elderly woman (his mother?) attempts to console him, or at least shelter him from the rain.

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Alice’s turmoil leads her to Dr. Goodman, a grief counsellor played by Laura Linney, who believes fate has brought them together, and suggests she approach a different outlook on life. As Mark drags their marriage into the gutter, things seem irreparable; can he, with the help of a fishing Captain and old family friend fix a marriage seemingly broken beyond reprieve?

Laura Linney and Jeanne TripplehornLaura Linney and Jeanne Tripplehorn in Morning

“I think that what we are experiencing right now in mainstream cinema is a renaissance of the independent film drama. Good stories. Important themes. Center stage. This is a time for films that challenge us to think and to question and to feel deeply. Morning is a love story, in the truest sense of the word, that asks us to do all of those things,” said Orser, according to Deadline.com. “Todd and I are both thrilled that it has found a home at Anchor Bay with Kevin and his team who care as passionately as we do about film and filmgoers alike.”

Morning is out on September 27th in the U.S.

Morning PosterThe poster for Morning