GIRLS isn’t just a program. It’s become a reassurance that life isn’t necessarily going to be perfect in your mid-twenties, an idea that we all fostered throughout our turbulent teens.  Sure, the characters are (mostly) functioning human beings, but in their individual ways they are all dealing with problems which have become all too real for 20 somethings in the modern world. 

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There’s definitely a little bit in each of the characters that we can all relate to, but maybe there’s one that really makes you really think, Oh my God, that’s so me!  Here’s a low-down on each of the girls, and a couple of the guys, to help you figure out which GIRLS character you are.

Hannah, played by the show’s creator, Lena Dunham, is a middle-class, but still struggling, New York writer.  Convinced of her own talent, she’s often dumbfounded that the rest of the world doesn’t recognise quite how unique and skilled she is.  However, her confidence is often revealed to be more tinged with insecurity than she lets on and her recurring battle with OCD sometimes rears its ugly head when things get a little bit too much.  While Hannah loves her friends and has an intense relationship with her boyfriend, she is often more selfish than she cares to admit and forgets that they may have problems and a backstory, if she’d take the time to ask.

Hannah’s best friend Marnie is coming to discover that there is only so far your looks will actually take you in the real world.  Striking and intelligent, Marnie is driven and has the hard work ethic to back it up.  Unfortunately, she takes herself a bit too seriously and the result is often that she ends up looking a little silly in the process (prime example being her super intense video version of Edie Brickell & New Bohemians What I Am).  Marnie is looking for something extraordinary and exciting in life but often lacks the courage to take the necessary steps to achieve this.

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The polar opposite of Marnie is Jessa, the quintessential nomadic hippy of the show.  Determined, but lacking any stamina to pursue long term commitments, even her own short-lived marriage, Jessa has struggled with her demons throughout the course of GIRLS.  Hailing from a broken home with various stints in drug rehabilitation and a habit of going AWOL, she is probably the most extreme of the characters.  But scratch the surface and Jessa’s hard exterior is nothing more than a barrier which protects her from further hurt and an extreme phobia of loneliness.

Jessa’s cousin Shoshanna runs on a frequency that can’t be detected by human ears.  Young and ambitious, Shoshanna is innocent and inexperienced although somehow manages to stumble into Rites of Passage, such as losing her virginity to Ray and an accidental experiment with hard drugs, without fully intending to.  Shoshanna means well but spends much time thoroughly confused and oblivious to what’s going on, her involvement in it and the impact that she may have on other people.

Hannah’s boyfriend, Adam, is initially introduced to us as a topless enigma.  Adam, who is a part-time carpenter/sometime actor begins the show as no more than Hannah’s sexual fixation, a role he seems at first to happily play.  As relations deepen between the pair, Adam reveals himself to be a highly complex and philosophical character who is nearly ethically opposed to dealing with the complicated nonsense that Hannah and her friends constantly involve themselves in.

GIRLS HBO                                      Adam Driver plays Hannah's boyfriend, also named Adam, in the show

Ray is the oldest recurring male character on GIRLS, a fact which seems all too apparent to him as he assesses his life as a homeless manager of a coffee shop.  He falls hard for Shoshanna after her accidental experiment with crack cocaine, but is unable to ignore their 12 year age gap.  Disillusioned with the world and prone to irritability, Ray often regrets his harsh judgements which leads to him sometime allowing for a glimmer of disaffected sensitivity to shine through.

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