Lena Dunham doesn't recommend a whirlwind wedding after she married her boyfriend just seven months after they met.

The 'Girls' star got engaged to musician Luis Felber after four months of dating and they married in London in September 2021 - seven months after they first laid eyes on each other - and the actress admits the fast timeline wouldn't work for everyone.

She told The Times newspaper: "We got engaged after four months and married after seven months, which is not something I recommend to everybody but it worked for us."

The couple spent just four weeks planning their wedding before they said their vows in front of 60 guests at the Union Club in London's Soho with the bride wearing three dresses on the day and pop star Taylor Swift serving as maid of honour.

The newly-weds had their first dance to the Zombies' 'This Will Be Our Year' and guests were treated to seven wedding cakes.

During the interview, the couple opened up about their first date in February 2021 revealing they were set up by mutual friends with Luis insisting he knew they would be together forever after the meeting lasted 12 hours.

Lena added: "It takes a lot for me to think someone is weird, but on our first date I thought Luis was the weirdest person I’d ever met ... I thought he was really beautiful-looking in a vampiric, 1800s way. The effect of that coupled with him having absolutely no guardrails with how he engaged socially was very disarming ... Of course I found Lu funny, smart and sexy and those are amazing things. But I knew this relationship was different ... "

Lena went on to share her plans for the future - explaining the couple are going to enjoy married life for the next few years before starting a family and adopting a brood of "rescue pigs".

She said: "For now, we’re enjoying our first few years of married life but I’d still really like for us to adopt and have a family and a big pen of rescue pigs."