Lena Dunham has hinted that she will quit acting in the near future, to concentrate on writing. The 'Girls' star covers the April issue of Glamour and it was in the accompanying interview that the 27-year-old dropped the bombshell.

Lena DunhamLena Dunham Could Retire From Acting

"I don't know if I'm going to want to act anymore," Dunham admitted. "I'm always relieved on the days I don't have to. I'd rather give parts to other women than be the woman having the parts."

One thing that Dunham is confident of, is her relationship with 'Fun' singer Jack Antonoff.

"The dialogue around [Girls] already existed, so it was sort of clear to him what the baggage of dating me was going to be," Lena said of her first date. "I remember talking with him on our first date and him being like, 'God, all the articles about your nudity on the show are such bullsh-t.' It's funny, 'cause in some ways that's the conversation we still have when I'm upset [about stuff I read]."

Watch Lena Dunham arriving for the Letterman show:

Dunham's 'Girls' co-star Allison Williams has already reacted to the retirement comments, telling E! News, "I'm of two minds about this...number one she's so phenomenally talented as an actress--and I can say that first hand--that it would be sad if she stopped. That said, part two is that if she's going to be writing roles for women I would like to be the first in line because she writes such good stuff for women and men.

"She's just a phenomenal writer," Willams continued. "So I know she'll do whatever she feels like doing. I just hope she doesn't stop acting because she's so good."

Co-star Jemima Kirke joked, "Didn't Jay Z say he was going to quit rapping a while ago?"

Fans of Girls can breathe a sigh of relief for the time being, given HBO has already ordered season four of the show.

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