It was bound to happen eventually – Lena Dunham’s hit HBO series Girls now has a porn parody. Rule 34 strikes again – namely that, if something exists, so does porn about it. The decision to, um, adapt Girls is a bit of a weird one though – since the show, written, directed and produced by Dunham, already has its fair share of nudity and sex scenes. Now before you go googling the thing – as we suspect most people reading this will do – be warned: it will get pretty weird. Adult film star Richie Calhoun, who plays lead character Hannah's boyfriend Adam in “This Ain’t Girls XXX” (not the best title by far) had this to say about the production to adult entertainment site “I tried to make it as weird as possible. I tried to say really weird things and do really weird positions.”

The premise of the whole video is pretty simple. Hannah leaves Adam to experiment with homosexuality, but later returns to men. It doesn’t sound all that thrilling, but the shoddy premise probably isn’t the only reason for Lena Dunham’s disapproval. And the Girls creator certainly isn’t happy about the video’s existence, as she shared on Twitter this Thursday.

“I wish I had a better attitude about the Girls porn parody. I really can never predict what will trouble me and it's simply exhausting,” she commented via the social network.

Lena Dunham, Time 100 Gala
On the bright side, we hear porn parodies are a sign of success. 

Lena Dunham, Directors'Guild Awards