Girls Season 4 won’t premiere until 2015 but a few little snippets of information have already begun to trickle in. So, what do we know about Season 4 from how Season 3 ended? Well, Hannah was accepted to join a prestigious writers’ course at the University of Iowa, so firsts things first, it looks like the action will be taking place outside of New York City. A bit of a shocking move for a show that initially set out to look at life for the twenty-something in New York City.

Girls Season 4Hannah will be living in Iowa at the beginning of Girls Season 4

Hannah’s relationship with Adam had been rocky leading up to the finale of Season 3. His career as a Broadway star had begun to take off, while she’d made the decision to study in Iowa. Where will we find them in Season 4? Will the distance have bought them closer together or will they be edging further apart? We’re prophesying some FaceTime phone sex…

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A couple of new characters will be joining the cast and Desiree Akhavan and Peter Mark Kendall have already been picked. According to they will be classmates of Hannah’s on her Iowa writing course. Arkhavan is an indie screenwriter and director a la Lena Dunham who has directed and starred in her own Sundance film. We’re guessing that these two met on the indie moviemaking scene - will Arkhavan become the next big thing now that she’s been cast in Girls?

The University of Iowa actually denied Dunham and HBO the rights to shoot on campus, so although Hannah is meant to be attending the university they will have to figure out another way of making it look like she is actually there! Director Jesse Peretz explained: “Most of the scenes don’t even take place on campus. So we’ll probably cheat some other campus for the campus. Some of it will be Iowa. A little more than a smidge.”

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Further gossip about Girls Season 4 was leaked via a snooping eye on the New York subway. An observer saw casting director Tony Behringer reading a script on his commute and lifted some information. The source told Page Six: “We all know in the Season 3 finale that Lena’s character gets into Iowa, but we didn’t know if she’s really go…In one of the scenes, Jessa (Jemima Kirke) and Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) are FaceTiming with Hannah (Dunham), and they’re in New York while she’s living in Iowa City.” Riveting stuff. Next time we’d appreciate some more substantial information obtained by snooping subway spectators, please!  Although we imagine that people involved with the show will be a little more guarded on public transport from now on!

The big question is, how long will Hannah last away from New York City? Will the entire series take place with her living in Iowa?

Although Season 3 of Girls had 12 episodes, Season 4 has been reduced back down to 10. Nothing to worry about though as executive producer Judd Apatow explained: “Most of the shows on HBO are 10 episodes.”