Almost all of Lena Dunham's work to date has been semi-autobiographical. Her hit US comedy drama 'Girls' has some story-lines based loosely on her own 'real-life' occurrences. Tiny Furniture, Dunham's second feature-length film, that won a host of awards, saw her play the main character Aura, and Dunham's own mother and sister play Aura's mother and sister, respectively. One can't help but wonder whether the characters and plot line may, in fact, be based upon herself, mother and sister. All the signs are there.

Almost all of Dunham's semi-autobiographic work is also brilliantly witty, enjoyable and clever. So, when it's released that Dunham is set to write a book largely based on her own life and subsequent advice rising from her own life experiences, we can't help but be a little excited.

The Browbeat blog on announced that “according to the proposal” the book will include “candid accounts of losing her virginity, trying to eat well (detailed diet journal included), obsessing about death... along with tips about how to stay focused on work, how not to ruin a potential relationship, and... will recount various ways in which older men continue to be condescending and sexist”. All of which sound like solid ground for a brilliantly hilarious read.

Dunham has also said that “There is nothing gutsier to me than a person announcing that their story is one that deserves to be told... especially if that person is a woman.” Lena Dunham is an excellent role model for the contemporary woman, letting us all know that it's a) great to be funny and b) great to be successful. We look forward to the publication of what will we hope will be a great book that lives up to all our expectations.