Lena Headey plays an evil queen in Game Of Thrones, the popular fantasy drama on HBO/Sky Atlantic. But you’d be mistaken for thinking an actress doesn’t face financial problems, because this one does.

It’s not all Hollywood mansions, eating at fancy restaurants and lounging on a Caribbean beach, not for Headey anyway. In documents seized by TMZ, her husband Peter Loughran's demands for half of their $46,000 tax refund from 2011. She says she needs $6,000 from that refund as soon as possible, as she’s barely managing to get by, and has a 2-year-old son to look after. She also admitted to having less than $5 in her account. The Huffington Post gang got together on Huff Post live, and basically all agreed to not believing her in a jokey, but simultaneously serious way. One thing’s for sure though, she must have a lot of rich buddies who can lend her a hand from time to time, so as far as the sob-story goes, we’re not buying it. But we’re happy to believe she has a measly $5 in her account.

Lena HeadyHeady smiles despite her alleged financial woes

Game of Thrones recently made its long awaited comeback with season 3. So far, the reviews have been excellent, with many claiming the show is back to its best. Lena Heady, who plays Queen Cersei Lannister, will be hoping for her next paycheque to come through quick smart so she can buy those groceries.