Lady Olenna has paid for everything, which means that even the wedding rehearsal is more opulent than anything we’ve seen on Thrones so far. Margaery is radiant and so is Cercei and so is Sansa – it’s just that all of them are visibly on edge.

Gifts! Lord Tyrell gives his new son-in-law a golden chalice. Are you sensing a bit of a pattern there? Tyrion plays the ultimate clueless uncle and presents his nephew with a book. Not just any book, but a dense history book – maybe he thinks Joff could learn something, maybe it’s just a way to spite his nephew. Either way, the boy king seems almost gracious, which makes us all go: “Huh?”

Peter Dinklage
Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) is just 100% done.

Don’t worry, a minute later he gets the second Valyrian steel sword from Tywin and, in his excitement, chops the book into pieces. There’s the Joff we know and… well, know. In a few quick scenes thereafter we see Tyrion plotting Shae’s exit from King’s Landing. It’s all to protect her, because Cercei is clearly planning something, now that she knows about her and Tyrion.

We move over to Dragonstone, where everyone is crazy and there are burnings a plenty. The craziest of all – Lady Celyse, who seems to think her daughter is a threat to her religion and hense sends in Melisandre to do some indoctrination. All in a day’s work.

Elsewhere, Bran keeps having visions and he spends more and more time as a wolf and less time as, you know, an actual human. The Reeds try to pull him out of it, but we’re betting his downward spiral isn’t quite over yet.