Lennie James may be stepping away from his role as Morgan in 'The Walking Dead', but that's simply because his character is making the jump from the original show to its spinoff 'Fear The Walking Dead', and its upcoming fourth season. Jumping on board as a series regular, the character looks to get even more of his backstory fleshed out as he joins the ranks of 'Fear' and its group of survivors.

Lennie James thinks Morgan will head back to 'The Walking Dead'Lennie James thinks Morgan will head back to 'The Walking Dead'

With a time jump looming so that Morgan's inclusion in 'Fear' makes sense, there's going to be a huge sense of cohesion between the two series which we've not yet seen. To-date, 'Fear' has been a prequel, but that looks all set to change. This is a good thing for Morgan, as his story in 'The Walking Dead' doesn't seem to be over just yet, despite the move.

Speaking with Hollywood Life, the actor was asked if Morgan could make a comeback to the original series, to which he replied: "Somebody asked Andy [Lincoln] this question, so I am gonna go with his answer because it seems to be a safe answer because it’s already kind of out there. As Andy says, I don’t think the story between, about the relationship between Rick and Morgan, is over yet."

Though James hasn't confirmed he's definitely making a return to 'The Walking Dead', we imagine the conversation is one he's had with those in the know behind-the-scenes. It would be a shame to see his story arc with Rick Grimes go up in flames just so Morgan could jump ship, so we hope he'll be going back and forth between the two shows as the episodes and seasons pass by.

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'The Walking Dead' season 8 concludes Sunday on AMC in the US and Monday on FOX in the UK.