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15th February 2016

Fact: Hip-hop group The Roots' pre-Grammy Awards invite-only jam session with Lenny Kravitz was briefly disrupted on Saturday (13Feb16) after police were called to apprehend a man at the Hotel Cafe venue in Hollywood. No further information about the arrest has been released, but the stars refused to let the drama overshadow the night, as they performed a slew of Kravitz's hits, including Are You Gonna Go My Way and I Want To Get Away. Funk legend George Clinton and soul singer Bilal also hit the stage with The Roots for the event.

19th January 2016

Quote: "I saw the Stones on the last tour... I look at them and say, 'That's what I want to to be doing when I'm in my seventies'." Lenny Kravitz wants to grow up to be like Mick Jagger.

30th August 2015

Tweet: "Happy birthday Michael. I'm here 'cause you were here first. Love and respect always!" Lenny Kravitz remembers Michael Jackson on the King of Pop's 57th birthday. Justin Bieber, Pharrell Williams, Chris Brown and Common were also among the stars who had the late pop superstar in their thoughts on Saturday (29Aug15).

26th May 2015

Tweet: "I am humbled, grateful and so blessed to be living this life. Thank you all for the birthday love." Rocker Lenny Kravitz thanks fans for their well wishes as he turned 51 on Tuesday (26May15).

5th May 2015

Fact: It was a family affair for exes Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet at the Met Gala in New York City on Monday night (04May15). The former couple, which was married from 1987 to 1993, arrived side-by-side at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and were joined by their actress daughter Zoe Kravitz, who donned a daring chain mail dress for the annual glamour bash.

27th May 2014

Tweet: "Happy 50th birthday Lenny Kravitz wishing you a great day all the best, Joe." Aerosmith's Joe Perry sends his congratulations to rocker Lenny Kravitz for reaching the milestone on Monday (26May14).

21st March 2014

Quote: "He's a little bit of a design Nazi. Our first house (in Miami, Florida) was all white (and) we weren't allowed to drink anything that was a dark colour anywhere... I was 10 years old, I wanted a dog and I picked out this really cute fluffy dog, fell in love. I found out that he had already ordered me a Chinese Crested - they're the hairless dogs, and the hair they do have is white. So then cut to me on a white couch trying to pet this hairless thing. Yeah, his passion for it (design) is amazing." Actress Zoe Kravitz on rocker dad Lenny Kravitz's interior design obsession.

11th December 2013

Quote: "Well, the door rang, and there he was, and he said, 'Good to meet you, sir,' and I was like, 'Sir? - we ain't that far apart (in age)'." Lenny Kravitz was surprised by how his daughter, Zoe Kravitz's, boyfriend, Michael Fassbender, greeted him.

9th December 2013

Fact: Rockers Steven Tyler and Lenny Kravitz treated attendees at an art bash in Miami, Florida to an impromptu performance of Aerosmith classic Walk This Way on Thursday night (05Dec13). Guests at the Wall venue included fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger and Paris and Nicky Hilton.

25th November 2013

Quote: "I've played ping pong with Prince many times. Ping pong, bowling, pool... The smack talking is the strategy, besides the fact he's stupid good... He will kick your a** in an outfit... He had on some knee high furry boots, like knee high (to go bowling)." Rocker Lenny Kravitz is always amused by what his superstar pal Prince wears to take part in competitive activities.

20th November 2013

Fact: Jonah Hill's father serves as rocker/actor Lenny Kravitz's business manager.

19th November 2013

Quote: "I had no plan to act. I used to do it when I was a kid. As a teenager, I did theatre in New York, television when I was a kid. But music took my heart. And that's still the nucleus of my creative life. But I met (Precious director) Lee Daniels in a restaurant. He walked up to me and said he had been trying to reach me and that I should be acting and if I had even a drop of my mother's talent that I'd be Ok." Rocker Lenny Kravitz on his decision to return to acting, following in the footsteps of his late mother, Roxie Roker, who starred in the popular U.S. sitcom, The Jeffersons.

3rd November 2013

Fact: Hollywood veteran Christopher Walken has been cast as Lenny Kravitz's father in new drama Little Rootie Tootie. The Oscar winner will portray a veteran jazz pianist whose son, played by the rocker-turned-actor, moves back home with his wife following the death of his mother. Production on the movie, directed by Dan Algrant, will begin in New York in January (14), reports Deadline.com.

7th August 2013

Fact: Lenny Kravitz has designed the Tv studio set Queen Latifah will call home when her new talk show debuts in America next month (Sep13).

11th June 2013

Tweet: "To my dearest Godmother Cicely Tyson. Congratulations on your TonyAward for @BountifulBway. As Grandpa Albert always said, "The best is yet to come." And it surely has. I love you. Lenny." Rocker Lenny Kravitz is proud of the acting veteran for picking up the Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role in a Play at Sunday's (09Jun13) prizegiving.

7th June 2013

Tweet: "love and blessings to you on your day big brother Prince". Rocker Lenny Kravitz sends his best wishes to the soul icon as he marks his 55th birthday on Friday (07Jun13).

3rd June 2013

Quote: "My trailer's on the beach in the Bahamas, it's a little Airstream trailer. It's just this cozy, safe womb. There's not a lot of room, but you feel really free in it because you know what your boundaries are. It feels really good to be constricted to a small space like that. My life has always been about contrast... but at the end of the day, the simple way wins." Rocker Lenny Kravitz prefers to live the simple life.

24th January 2013

Fact: Rocker/actor Lenny Kravitz has replaced Iggy Pop as the new face of French clothing brand Eleven Paris. The American Woman hitmaker has posed for a shoot with model Charlotte Free for the company's 2013 Spring/Summer collection.

12th December 2012

Tweet: "Ravi Shankar gave us light through the vibration of his sound. I was blessed to have been in his presence. My love pours out to the family." Rocker Lenny Kravitz pays tribute to the late, great sitar player, who died on Tuesday (11Dec12).

26th November 2012

Quote: "I did lose all my musical equipment, all of my touring equipment in a facility in Hoboken, New Jersey - 20 years worth of things. But, you know, those are material things. That doesn't match somebody losing their home and being in the cold and not being able to live. I feel for anybody that was affected by this storm. I've been traveling on the road." Much of singer Lenny Kravitz's musical equipment was destroyed during last month's (Oct12) superstorm Sandy.

19th March 2012

Quote: "I think that Jennifer Lawrence is just an amazing actress... (I've) been watching her for a number of years and I just think she's got so much talent. To me, she's like a young Meryl Streep, she's got a lot of range and people are going to see a lot coming from her." Lenny Kravitz has high hopes for his The Hunger Games co-star Jennifer Lawrence.

7th March 2012

Quote: "I wanna work with Woody Allen. It's time he worked with a black Jew." Lenny Kravitz on his dream acting job.

24th December 2011

Quote: "My daughter's gonna meet me there for Christmas. I have a little shack for her." Lenny Kravitz is planning to spend Christmas on the beach in the Bahamas, where he owns land, with his actress daughter Zoe.

22nd December 2011

Quote: "Even at one point, I had a guy on staff whose job was to roll joints. All day long - he got to get high too."Lenny Kravitz hired an employee to assist his marijuana habit during his drug-taking days.

1st December 2011

Tweet: "Merci Monsieur Mitterand and France for this very high honor you gave me yesterday. Love, Lenny." Rocker Lenny Kravitz thanks France's Minister of Culture and Communication Frederic Mitterrand for presenting him with the Legion of Honour medal on Wednesday (30Nov11).

8th November 2011

Tweet: "Joe Frazier, may your soul rest in peace. You too were the greatest. Without you Ali is not who he is and vice versa." Rock icon Lenny Kravitz pays tribute to boxing great Joe Frazier, who lost his fight against cancer on Monday (07Nov11).

8th September 2011

Quote: "I don't have that in my life but I'm definitely open to it and looking forward to it." Rocker Lenny Kravitz is looking for romance.

5th September 2011

Quote: "In junior high (school), I'd go out with a girl who was white, meet her parents, and it wasn't always a warm reception. Even if it was a Jewish girl, the fact that I'm half Russian Jew didn't matter - it was 'Oh, he's black!'" Lenny Kravitz on realising his colour led to stereotyping, even among people of his own faith.

1st September 2011

Quote: "I have a cousin, Sam Roker, who's a Haitian artist. As a kid, I'd look at his paintings and say I wanted to live inside one... When I got this place, I had him come down and paint the house, so I could finally live in one of his paintings." Lenny Kravitz on the colourful decor of his home in the Bahamas.

5th July 2011

Quote: "My daughter Zoe has a lot of my stuff. She took all my boas from the Mama Said era. They were in storage, and I yelled at her, 'Don't steal my boas!' She laughed and said, 'Those words would not come out of most fathers' mouths.'" Lenny Kravitz on trying to keep his actress daughter out of his closets.

5th July 2011

Quote: "I knew him from the hallway... We didn't meet again until the American Music Awards in 1990. He came up to me and told me that Guns N' Roses were big fans of Let Love Rule. In fact, Axl had a button on his leather jacket that said 'Let Love Rule'. We started talking, and I realised he was that kid named Saul from high school." Lenny Kravitz went to high school with Slash.

12th March 2010

Quote: "To be sitting in a hotel room in Europe somewhere and just be channel surfing... and, 'There's my mom!' It's just a blessing. It's great to be able to see her move, hear her speak." Lenny Kravitz loves watching his late mother Roxie Roker in beloved TV show The Jeffersons.

12th March 2010

Quote: "I have to say that it's my second movie... because Ben Stiller gets p**sed off because he had me do a little cameo in Zoolander... and so the other night, he was like, 'I got you started. I knew before everybody else.'" Lenny Kravitz feels he has to clear up stories suggesting PRECIOUS was his first film appearance.

12th March 2010

Quote: "My first gig was in Gainesville, Florida... Out comes this black Jew with an electric guitar and all these confederate flags... I was like, 'What is this?' But it was awesome." Lenny Kravitz recalls supporting Tom Petty & THE HEARTBREAKERS on his first tour.

10th March 2010

Quote: "She's already made six movies... And she's the lead singer in Elevator Fight, which is her own band and which is playing South by Southwest. She loves showbusiness like I do. Every facet of it." Lenny Kravitz is beaming with pride about the fact his daughter Zoe has followed in his famous footsteps.

6th March 2010

Quote: "I saw her on TV saying that she purposely kept messing up her lines so I would have to kiss her again." Lenny Kravitz on his kissing scenes with Gabourey Sidibe in PRECIOUS.

8th September 2009

Fact: Rocker Lenny Kravitz is embarking on a U.S. tour later this year (09) - including a six-night stint in New York. The trek will kick off in the Big Apple on 11 October and conclude in Tunica, Mississippi on 30 October, ahead of his appearance at the Voodoo Music Festival in New Orleans, Louisiana. on 1 November.

30th June 2009

Quote: "I'll never retire - I've done the first 20 years in the business and I'm ready for the next 20. And, when that ends, I'll be like Mick Jagger - and he's still doing it!" Lenny Kravitz will never quit making music.

28th June 2009

Quote: "She is a better musician than me, she is in a group called Elevator Fight and it won't be long until they are heading places." Lenny Kravitz is proud of his 20-year-old daughter, ZOE.

25th June 2009

Quote: "I've been checking out Lily on TV a lot lately - she's cute! And I love the U.K. - especially the pubs. We'd get on great." Rocker Lenny Kravitz has set his sights on British pop star Lily Allen.

17th June 2009

Quote: "I mean, I honestly used to smoke as much, if not more, than Bob Marley". Lenny Kravitz got too fond of marijuana during his drug-taking days.

17th June 2009

Quote: "When I’m working on music, I’m in the studio all day and night, and when I come home, I want to sleep. But the minute I hit the pillow, everything comes into my head about what I was doing all day." Lenny Kravitz finds it hard to switch off after a hard day at work.

16th June 2009

Quote: "It's the nicest feeling there is. We all seem to be striving for it like a motherf***er. Like fish swimming upstream." Lenny Kravitz is still searching for love.

16th June 2009

Quote: "I first learned about fashion by going into my mother’s closet. I used to put on her boots and her scarves and dress up as Jimi Hendrix." Lenny Kravitz had rocker ambitions from a young age.

9th June 2009

Quote: "In the early days, I ruined a couple of hotel rooms - not because I was trashed, but because I was in a rage and I would have to let it out. But now I've grown up and I don't have time for that. My weaknesses are Bordeaux and tequila." Rocker Lenny Kravitz has tamed his wild ways.

30th March 2009

Fact: Lenny Kravitz shows off personal photos of celebrity pals including JAY-Z, Beyonce and Alicia Keys in the April 2009 issue of Russia's Vogue magazine. The shots also feature images of his actress daughter Zoe Kravitz.

14th August 2008

Quote: "It reminds me of when Jimi Hendrix and Bruce Lee attended the same high school in Seattle. You wanted to believe they hung out together." Actor Nicolas Cage didn't befriend his famous high school classmates Lenny Kravitz, David Schwimmer and Slash.

22nd February 2008

Quote: "I know I'm supposed to be a man and all that, but I still really feel like a 17-year-old kid. I guess with my genes, I look in the mirror, and I'm like, 'I haven't really changed, but I have a 19-year-old daughter - this doesn't make sense.'" Lenny Kravitz struggles to comprehend the ageing process.

21st February 2008

Quote: "I wrote a song when I was seven years old, with my next door neighbour, called I LOVE YOU BABY." Rocker Lenny Kravitz started out on his career path at a young age.

29th January 2008

Quote: "I grew up between a Woody Allen movie and a Spike Lee movie." Rocker Lenny Kravitz describes growing up in New York City in the 1970s.

3rd December 2007

Fact: The Spice Girls played covers of disco classics IT'S RAINING MEN, Celebration and THAT'S THE WAY (I LIKE IT) and Lenny Kravitz's ARE YOU GONNA GO MY WAY during their triumphant comeback show in Toronto, Canada on Sunday night (02Dec07).

19th January 2007

Fact: Lenny Kravitz's teenage daughter ZOE is following her mum Lisa Bonet onto the big screen. The 16-year-old appears in two movies released this year - NO RESERVATIONS, opposite Catherine Zeta Jones, and Jodie Foster's new film, The Brave One.

4th November 2006

Quote: "I was in Miami and I saw his yacht. S**t, he has the biggest mansion in the bay, so he ain't doin' bad." Rapper ICE-T is impressed with Lenny Kravitz's wealth.

1st March 2006

Fact: <p>Britney Spears is hoping to make her next album a star-studded affair by inviting a few celebrity pals to join her in the studio. She says, "Steven Tyler, I love him. That'd be awesome, to do something with him. Gwen Stefani, Lenny Kravitz." </p>

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