Leona Lewis wants to adopt a child.

The 'Fire Under My Feet' singer - who has been dating dance Dennis Jauch for four years - ''definitely'' wants to have children one day but is too busy with her career to think about having a family just yet.

Asked if she wants kids, she said: ''Definitely, but obviously right now I'm travelling too much.

''I'd also like to adopt. It's really important to me because my mum grew up in a children's home and she was never adopted, so I've always wanted to.''

Because of their working schedules, Leona and Dennis spend lots of time apart but always have a great time when they are together and the 30-year-old singer thinks their differences complement one another perfectly.

She told America's OK! magazine: ''He's amazing. We both travel a lot so it's a long-distance relationship but when we're in the same place we'll make sure we see each other and he'll stay with me when he's in LA. We make a lot of effort to make it work.

''He's so supportive. He's such a fun person and we really balance each other out because we're quite different. We push each other to do things we wouldn't normally do.''