Leona Lewis used to have ''wardrobe tantrums'' while getting dressed for red carpet events.

The 30-year-old musician admits she regularly would become frustrated when getting glammed up for important events because she could never decide what to wear.

Speaking to The Guardian newspaper, she explained: ''I used to fret a lot when getting ready. I had wardrobe tantrums, where I would plan what I was going to wear in advance, then change my mind 1,000 times.''

However, the 'Fire Under My Feet' singer now feels much more confident in herself so is able to pick outfits without getting stressed.

She added: ''They stopped about two years ago, and now I just throw on whatever I feel like in that moment and head out. I guess I've grown up and become more secure in myself.''

Meanwhile, Leona - who is gearing up to release her fifth studio album 'I Am' in September - confessed she only uses ''natural'' beauty products because she gets tips from her mother, who is a vegan.

She added: ''I use only natural products, because my mum's a vegan and a herbalist and often makes me products, mixing up essential oils.''