Leonard Cohen has previewed his new album, 'Old Ideas', which will be released on January 31st (2012). Leonard Cohen streamed his new album on The New Yorker, it being the first time the magazine has featured a song on its website.

Thousands of fans have been able to enjoy the stream but a smaller exclusive group got the chance to a full hearing of the album at a recent L.A. party at the estate of Canadian Consul-General David Fransen. Around eighty people gathered in the courtyard with white wine and mini-quiches, including entertainment industry insiders many of whom were women. David Fransen, being a big Cohen fan, stated: 'He's someone who has contributed to Canadian content and culture in a way that very few have. So to have an opportunity to experience him like this - I'll take every opportunity I can get. ... The artistry in his language, the way he puts words and concept together, they always surprise you.' The 77-year old singer who was the guest of honour sat quietly in the front row before addressing to the crowd: 'I'm going to sit facing the speakers so I won't be monitoring your reactions. I hope you enjoy these songs.'

As the songs played, Cohen was spotted mouthing the words to his songs and the crowd barely moved throughout the whole 40 minutes. Afterwards, Leonard Cohen said: 'I'm always slightly nervous about the reception of my work.'