The Wolf of Wall Street is currently gearing up for awards season after being released to American cinema audiences on Christmas Day, with it's international release coming over the course of the next month. Whilst Martin Scorsese and Leonardo Dicaprio once again enthral and entertain audiences, the man behind the film, Jordan Belfort, may end up benefitting from the success of the film more than he anticipated, as he is apparently being courted by reality TV bosses to front his own show.

Wolf of Wall Street
Leonardo DiCaprio stars as Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street.

Belfort penned his memoirs, also titled The Wolf of Wall Street, whilst serving time in prison for various financial crimes and his tales of excess and corruption have made the transition from page to screen with great effect. His anecdotes about how he hosted drug-fuelled all-nighters after swindling hundreds of millions of dollars from investors have made a huge impression on plenty of people already, no less Electus CEO Chris Grant, who wants to make Belfort a star in his own right by having him front his own reality series.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Grant is trying to swoon Belfort into hosting his own reality series in which he finds people who, like him, were once at the very top of their respective businesses before falling to rock bottom and losing everything. Belfort currently works as a successful motivational speaker, but Grant apparently wants him to front an uplifting series in which those who have hit rock bottom try to find redemption and another shot at success.

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Grant told THR that his premise is being keenly watched by network executives and Belfort's natural charisma has been noted and may be the key ingredient in turning him into a reality TV star. Grant described Belfort as "‘TV gold'" when referring to his credentials as a TV personality.

No further word was made by Grant as to who he is talking to in order to bring the Belfort-fronted show to TV, but he did mention that he is in talks with a great deal of network executives. Should the idea be picked up for a pilot, we may see it on TV as early as 2015.

The film has already courted controversy for some scenes.