Leonardo Dicaprio has rarely put a foot wrong throughout his illustrious movie career. Even those who sit in the dislike camp of Titanic are regularly outdone by the numbers who strongly sit on the like side. Unfortunately, there is still one thing missing from Leo’s artistic collection: an Oscar. Could The Revenant be the film to right that wrong?


This trailer certainly suggests it has as good a chance as any.

The upcoming epic western thriller sees DiCaprio take the lead with an equally talented Tom Hardy by his side and acclaimed Birdman director Alejandro González Iñárritu at the helm.

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Adapted from Michael Punke’s 2003 novel of the same name and follows fur trapper Hugh Glass (DiCaprio) who is mauled by a bear while hunting.

The RevenantLeonardo DiCaprio stars in the upcoming epic western, The Revenant

Stolen from and left for dead by his companions (Hardy, Will Poulter and Domhnall Gleeson), Glass survives and becomes hell bent on enacting revenge on the men who betrayed him.

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Inspired by true events and set in the 19th Century, the trailer creates immediate tension as we see Glass struggle for survival before determination sets in as he tells the viewer: "I ain’t afraid to die anymore. I done it already."

The Revenant is released on Christmas Day - just in time for those little golden statutes.

To watch the trailer, click here.