'Downton Abbey' star Maggie Smith became the luckiest woman at the BAFTAS (and possibly in Britain) this weekend when she received a great big Valentine's kiss off none other than Oscar favourite Leonardo Dicaprio, following his Best Leading Actor win for 'The Revenant'. 

Leonardo DiCaprioMaggie Smith is one lucky lady

With the BAFTAs landing on Valentine's Day this year, organisers decided to set up a Kiss Cam to celebrate, like they have at sporting events. And to Maggie's surprise, the camera landed on her and Leo who was seated behind her, prompting him to lean forwards and plant a tender peck on her blushing cheek as host Stephen Fry announced their names. Adorably, the actress promptly appeared to return the kiss.

More romantic moments came when the camera landed on Bryan Cranston and Julianne Moore, though they held nothing back and appeared to have a passionate smooch when prompted, as did Rebel Wilson and Eddie Izzard. Stanley Tucci also obliged to kiss Cuba Gooding Jr. on the cheek, after which the latter gave the camera a cheeky smirk and returned his gesture with a smacker on the top of his shiny bald head.

One surprising turn of events was that couple Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender - who were both up for separate awards for their respective films 'The Danish Girl' and 'Steve Jobs' - refused to take part in Kiss Cam. They even appeared separately on the red carpet.

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Some viewers admitted via social media that the whole situation was awkward, but the romantics out there thought it was an adorable bit of innocent fun between a bunch of celebratory celebs and a nice way to give a nod to Valentine's Day.

One hopes that Maggie Smith's smooch managed to calm Leo's nerves ahead of his next major award ceremony: The Academy Awards which takes place on February 28th.