It’s all going on. Sony have revealed plans to make a film surround the late Steve Jobs’ life; Leonardo Dicaprio is favourite to play the former CEO and Danny Boyle is leading the pack to direct with David Fincher following closely behind.

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Of course, every time DiCaprio is even linked with a role, the same question is asked: Will Leonardo finally win an Oscar for his role in ‘insert movie here’. And this time is no different. 

In fact, some betting outlets are even offering odds on DiCaprio finally getting his hands on a golden statuette after missing out year upon year. Come on, how many times have you read, ‘The Best Actors Without an Oscar,’ and Leo’s nestled at the top?

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“DiCaprio’s” Oscar glory has yet to come and we have odds at 33/1 for him to finally secure a little golden man for his portrayal of one of the world’s most idolised business men,” said Paddy Power in a statement. 

For some reason, Ashton Kutcher, who has already starred as Jobs in a biopic, is actually on the list of odds. He’s sitting at 25/1, which would represent a tidy win, if it were at all possible following the terrible mess that was Joshua Michael Stern’s ‘Jobs’. 

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With Boyle favourite to direct at 1/5, we’d suggest Fincher at 7/2 is a better bet. He helmed the hugely impressive ‘Social Network’, which saw Jesse Eisenberg play the role of Mark Zuckerberg in a beautifully shot, wonderfully crafted depiction of the phenomenon that is Facebook.

Either way, the exciting news that Sony are making a film about Steve Jobs, and will be sure to capture the zeitgeist surrounding Apple’s resurgence is the exciting news here, but we can’t help getting caught up in the whole Leo for Jobs thing, either. 

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