Leonardo Di Caprio, Django Unchained

Leonardo Di Caprio arrives for the premiere of DJango Unchained

Of all the films being released close to Christmas time, perhaps only Django Unchained can rival Les Miserables for the sheer star power assembled amongst the cast. Both high budget films had their American premiere this week, and though Les Mis could boast a mighty triumvirate of Anne Hathaway, Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe, they were surely eclipsed by the embarrassment of riches that showed up last night in New York for Quentin Tarantino's new warped Western flick.

Quentin Tarantino, Uma Thurman, Django Unchained Premiere

The ever eccentric looking Quentin Tarantino is all smiles (we think) with Uma Thurman

Alongside Leonardo Di Caprio and director Quentin Tarantino, many of the film's other stars were also in attendance, including Jamie Foxx, Samuel L. Jackson, Christopher Waltz and Don Johnson. Evidence of Tarantino's clout in Hollywood was proven, meanwhile, with a star-studded guestlist also turning out, including Liv Tyler, Uma Thurman, 50 Cent, The Rolling Stones' Ronnie Wood, Zach Braff and Jeremy Piven. 

Jamie Foxx, Samuel L Jackson, Django Unchained Premiere

Django Unchained co-stars Jamie Foxx [Left] and Samuel L. Jackson [Right] indulge in a spot of horseplay on the red carpet

Fashion-wise the show was stolen, as it so often is, by the divine Olivia Wilde. Once-outspoken lesbian Alex in The O.C, Wilde has gone on to fully establish herself as one of the most eminent models on the circuit, and her flawless taste was proven once again with a black outfit that plunged all the way to the waist, made cordial by a pair of trousers. She puts even the likes of Liv Tyler in the shade whose flowery figure-hugging dress was pleasant but had the distinct whiff of something your mother would wear at a Church coffee morning.

Olivia Wilde, Django Unchained PremiereLiv Tyler, Django Unchained Premiere

Olivia Wilde [Left] put Liv Tyler [Right] in the shade with her stunning black outfit

Ronnie Wood, Django Unchained Premiere

The Rolling Stones' Ronnie Wood is in good spirits; the guitarist is in the US to play three US dates with the veteran rockers

Though Django Unchained isn't featuring hugely in the Oscars chatter, you'd be a fool to discount Tarantino, a man who has time and time again churned out films of high suspense, action and dark humour. It looks no different with Django Unchained, which sees Jamie Foxx as Django, a slave who is bought by Waltz' character Dr. King Schultz to be used as a bounty hunter to track down his enemies. In return he promises to help Django find his missing wife, played by Kerry Washington. 

Christopher Waltz, Django Unchained PremiereDon Johnson, Django Unchained Premiere

Christopher Waltz [Left] and Don Johnson [Right] 

The clips so far have been impressive, whilst a sound track features new material by Jamie Foxx and an intriguing mash-up between the late Tupac and James Brown. The general public will get to finally see Tarantino's epic on Christmas Day.