Leonardo Dicaprio has been spotted partying on a yacht with his The Wolf of Wall Street co-star Jonah Hill. And frankly, who can blame him? He’s 38, he’s one of the most famous Hollywood stars on the planet, he just recently split from his girlfriend Erin Heatherton. All signs point to party, right!?

Leo and Jonah went out for a spin in the yacht, cruising around Sydney Harbour, with a bunch of bikini clad women. Actually, some of the women ended up less ‘bikini-clad’ as ‘not-so-bikini-clad’ by the end of the trip but hey, it’s Australia, it’s hot, the girls have got to keep cool, right? Absolutely nothing to do with a low-rent attempt at attracting the attention of two Hollywood movie stars, right? I mean, they probably didn’t even KNOW that Leo had just split up with Erin recently, right?

Leonardo was back in Australia after being summoned to the country to re-film some scenes for The Great Gatsby. Even though a second, stunning trailer has been released for the movie, it seems that director Baz Luhrmann is still putting the finishing touches to his ambitious 3D venture. Still, Mr DiCaprio’s work schedule couldn’t have been too hectic, is he found time to lap up the winter sun and take in the… erm… local sights.