Leonardo Dicaprio Fun Facts, Quotes and Tweets

8th March 2017

Quote: "I was, like, 19 or 20... It was that barbecue place Tony Roma's. He was so kind, so sweet, way taller than I thought. Very good tipper, very like, 'please' and 'thank you', and just very kind. I thought I'd be nervous to wait on him, but he was just cool." Thor star Jaimie Alexander once served as Leonardo Dicaprio's waitress before finding fame as an actress.

1st February 2017

Fact: Leonardo Dicaprio, Brie Larson, Alicia Vikander and Mark Rylance have all been confirmed to present at the 89th Academy Awards on 26 February 2017. The four stars scooped the top acting Oscars at last year's (16) ceremony and will give out the same accolades at the event later this month, where Jimmy Kimmel is acting as host.

12th September 2016

Quote: "He sat me down, drew a picture of the planet, drew our atmosphere and said, 'This Is the most important crisis facing humanity' and from that point on I really become not only fascinated with the issue but really concerned why we as a collective world community haven't done enough about it." Leonardo Dicaprio reveals it was former Vice President of the United States Al Gore who inspired him to become a passionate advocate for environmental issues and global warming.

29th February 2016

Fact: Leonardo Dicaprio's glorious Oscar win has become the most-tweeted about moment in Academy Awards history. The Revenant star, who has been nominated a total of six times to date, finally struck gold on Sunday (28Feb16) and his fans celebrated his Best Actor win by taking to Twitter, with 440,000 posts per minute, beating 2014 Oscars host Ellen DeGeneres' star-studded 'selfie', which garnered nearly 255,000 tweets per minute.

14th February 2016

Quote: "Despite my laryngitis, I'm so happy to have been asked to present this particular award." Julianne Moore presented the Best Leading Actor award to Leonardo Dicaprio for The Revenant even though she was ill at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) Awards on Sunday night (14Feb16).

26th January 2016

Quote: "I was supposed to grab his jacket with my hand to make it look like the bear's jaws were pulling it. In order to have the bear's jaw in the small of his back, basically my face was in his butt... My face was in Leo's butt for a fair bit of time. I can see how that's someone's fantasy, but it wasn't mine!" Stuntman Glenn Ennis, who helped to portray the bear which attacks Leonardo Dicaprio's character in The Revenant, insists his job was far from glamorous as he and the movie star worked to make the brawl as realistic as possible. Director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu used computer generated imagery to fill out Ennis' bear and bring it to life onscreen in the survival drama.

12th January 2016

Quote: "(I) would love to do something even darker... like, how would you penetrate the mind of somebody like Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver? There's a word in German, schadenfreude - it means humiliation for somebody else, and it can be done in movies, like when Bickle takes (Cybill Shepherd's character) to the porno theatre for his first date. You're like, 'Oh God, please don't do this!'" Leonardo Dicaprio loves challenging roles.

11th January 2016

Quote: "Oh Lord, that's trending, huh? I just didn't know what was passing me - that's all!" Leonardo Dicaprio opens up about his awkward moment at the Golden Globes when he appeared to squirm in his seat as Lady Gaga walked past on her way to the stage.

7th January 2016

Quote: "I think the beard took four months, five months (to grow), but then I kept it for like a year-and-a-half. I lived with that thing for a long time! It became like a partner, a life partner!" Leonardo Dicaprio jokes about the thick beard he grew to play a real-life 19th century frontiersman in new movie The Revenant.

7th January 2016

Quote: "The structure of the movie was very much set up like live theatre. We had to rehearse all day, these very meticulous, complex shots. It was like live television, like Saturday Night Live everyday, except a lot of what we were doing wasn't that funny!" Leonardo Dicaprio compares the complications of shooting Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu's new thriller The Revenant in the wild to the popular U.S. comedy show, which is filmed live each week.

24th September 2015

Fact: Leonardo Dicaprio is to be honoured with the Actors Inspiration Award as part of the Screen Actors Guild Foundation's 30th anniversary celebration event. The award, presented at a gala on 5 November (15) in Beverly Hills, will highlight DiCaprio's career achievements as a five-time Oscar-nominee and eight-time Screen Actors Guild Award nominee.

22nd September 2015

Fact: Leonardo Dicaprio, Bono and Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai have been added to the bill for next week's (beg28Sep15) Global Citizen Festival in New York City. The 26 September (15) event will feature performances from Beyonce, Pearl Jam and Coldplay, while Kerry Washington, Salma Hayek Pinault, Olivia Wilde and Hugh Jackman will serve as co-hosts.

4th June 2015

Fact: Leonardo Dicaprio's model ex-girlfriend Toni Garrn is reportedly dating pro basketball player Chandler Parsons. They were spotted walking hand-in-hand in New York City, stopping to share a kiss on the pavement. Garrn split from DiCaprio in December after a 19-month relationship. The Wolf of Wall Street star is since rumoured to have struck up a romance with bikini model Kelly Rohrbach.

30th April 2015

Fact: Leonardo Dicaprio, Tom Cruise and Chris Pine were among the Hollywood stars who turned out for a special party celebrating fashion brand Giorgio Armani in Italy on Wednesday night (29Apr15). The A-list guests at the design house's 40th anniversary celebrations in Milan also included Tina Turner, Sophia Loren, Janet Jackson and Glenn Close, while Boy George played a DJ set.

27th March 2015

Fact: Leonardo Dicaprio is Hollywood's biggest player, according to a new Tinseltown salary expose. The Wolf of Wall Street star takes home $25 million (GBP16.7 million) per movie - $5 million (GBP3.3 million) more than the likes of Denzel Washington, Robert Downey, Jr., and Matt Damon. Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock and Melissa MCCarthy are the top females, raking in as much as $15 million (GBP10 million) a movie. The big names on The Hollywood Reporter's new highest-paid list also features Brad Pitt and American Hustle and Silver Linings Playbook co-stars Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence.

2nd March 2015

Fact: Leonardo Dicaprio is to play a man with multiple personality disorder in new movie The Crowded Room. The actor will fulfil a longtime dream to play real life sufferer Billy Milligan, who claimed to host up to 24 different personalities and successfully used the condition as a defence in a rape and robbery trial in the 1970s.

14th January 2015

Fact: A trailer for director Martin Scorsese's short film starring Leonardo Dicaprio, Brad Pitt and Robert De Niro has debuted online. The clip shows DiCaprio and De Niro playing two actors who have arrived at a hotel to discover they are competing for the same role in Scorsese's next movie.

26th December 2014

Fact: Actor Jonah Hill celebrated his birthday over the weekend (20-21Dec14) with a star-studded party which included Leonardo Dicaprio and Bradley Cooper as guests. The 22 Jump Street star turned 31 on Saturday (20Dec14) and was also joined by friends Mary-Kate Olsen, Tobey Maguire and Michael Cera at Smith & Mills in New York. During the night, Hill was serenaded by a mariachi band.

4th March 2014

Fact: Actor Leonardo Dicaprio has quit the movie adaptation of John D MACDonald's The Deep Blue Good-By, due to a scheduling conflict. The Wolf of Wall Street star was set to play a beach bum who helps women in distress in the movie, but he is expected to stay on as a producer of the project. The Wolverine filmmaker James Mangold is in negotiations to direct the movie.

20th February 2014

Quote: "Leo has never hosted Snl (Saturday Night Live) and has never been on the Snl stage and I was like, 'You're so funny and people don't get to see how funny you are... They know you're an amazing actor... But I told the writers, 'I'm not pitching that to him, what if he gets offended?' But (Leo) said, 'No, it's great! Let's do it.' It was so fun." Jonah Hill was apprehensive about asking his The Wolf Of Wall Street co-star Leonardo Dicaprio to join him on the U.S. sketch show last month (Jan14).

20th February 2014

Quote: "People (in Japan) wear germ masks so they don't get sick. But then we figured out people won't recognise us if we wear them everywhere. We were at a Buddhist temple and no one came up to either us because we just looked like tourists with germ masks on." Jonah Hill and his The Wolf Of Wall Street co-star Leonardo Dicaprio were able to go undercover while sightseeing in Japan.

7th February 2014

Quote: "Her husband's awesome, the kids are great, but I don't get to see her as much as I wish." Leonardo Dicaprio is still close to his Titanic co-star Kate Winslet and her family.

7th February 2014

Quote: ''I didn't know him on a personal level, but his work was just astounding. We've lost one of the greats, we really have.'' Leonardo Dicaprio mourns the loss of late actor Philip Seymour Hoffman.

7th February 2014

Fact: The Wolf Of Wall Street collaborators Leonardo Dicaprio and Martin Scorsese were both honoured with the Cinema Vanguard Award at The Santa Barbara International Film Festival in California on Thursday (06Feb14). The pair picked up their trophies and took part in a question-and-answer session at the event.

8th January 2014

Quote: "I used to be a pop locker when I was in elementary school. It's one of the reasons why I didn't get an agent when I was eight. I had a punk rock haircut and I dressed like a little street dancer and they rejected me." Leonardo Dicaprio's early passion for street dancing prevented him from getting an early start in Hollywood.

19th December 2013

Fact: Actor Leonardo Dicaprio was targetted by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) activist Edita Birnkrant on Tuesday (17Dec13), when she shouted at him while he walked the red carpet at the New York premiere of The Wolf Of Wall Street. The campaigner was expressing her anger over the use of a chimpanzee co-star in the film. The Great Gatsby star recently came under fire by Peta bosses for agreeing to act alongside the ape.

16th December 2013

Quote: "I realised long ago you can't control what people think is worthy of an award. That's so beyond your control. It's something one shouldn't even attempt to manipulate, because, if you do, that's transparent. I have no idea (how I'll get on), I really don't.'' Leonardo Dicaprio shrugs off the Oscars buzz over his role in The Wolf Of Wall Street. The actor has been nominated for an Academy Award three times previously but has never won.

11th December 2013

Quote: "(There was) definitely a spark between us but neither of us knew how to handle it. (It was) too big to actually accept so we sometimes ignored each other... In a morning after (a) bedroom scene (on) the first day of shooting we both wore tiny G-strings under the sheets. Leo squirmed all over. I, stoic, tried to breathe and just get through it." Actress Claire Danes admits shooting Romeo + Juliet with Leonardo Dicaprio was difficult because the stars were so attracted to each other.

13th June 2013

Fact: A couch featured during a pivotal scene between Leonardo Dicaprio and Carey Mulligan's characters in Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby is up for sale at the Sydney Fair antiques show in Australia.

8th May 2013

Quote: "Hamlet. To me, Gatsby is the American Hamlet. What else could we possibly do as a follow-up? It's just a dream at this point." Director Baz Luhrmann wants to team up with his The Great Gatsby leading man Leonardo Dicaprio for a third time to make a film version of William Shakespeare's play Hamlet.

6th November 2012

Fact: Leonardo Dicaprio, Bradley Cooper, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were among the stars who helped billionare businessman Jho Low celebrate his 31st birthday at the Wynn Las Vegas on Saturday (03Nov12). Pop star Britney Spears sang a short rendition of Happy Birthday, while other guests included Robert De Niro, Zoe Saldana, Paris Hilton, Swizz Beatz, Jamie Foxx, Busta Rhymes, and South Korean rapper Psy.

28th January 2012

Fact: Leonardo Dicaprio will miss his chance to pick up a prize at Sunday's (29Jan12) Screen Actors Guild (Sag) Awards due to prior filming commitments in Australia for Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of The Great Gatsby. The Titanic star is nominated in the category for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role for his portrayal of Federal Bureau of Investigation (Fbi) boss J. Edgar Hoover in J. Edgar, going up against stars including George Clooney and Brad Pitt.

17th January 2012

Tweet: "I think it's funny that Twitter keeps suggesting me to follow Leonardo Dicaprio." Model Bar Refaeli has no plans to follow her ex-boyfriend's page on the social networking site.

7th November 2011

Quote: "There's a lot of bad scripts in Hollywood. When you read a script and everything is completely on the page and there's no job left for you to do, that's usually when I'm not interested. I, fortunately, have gotten to work with some pretty great material in my time, so I'm very thankful." Actor Leonardo Dicaprio on what projects spike his interest.

19th September 2011

Quote: "Throughout my career, I never knew which movies of mine made money and which didn't. When Titanic came out, people would say, 'Do you realise what a success this is?' And I'd say, 'Yeah, yeah it's a hit.' The (money) stuff never mattered to me... Unless you want to prove that you can carry a film with your name, continuously trying to achieve box office success is dead end." Hollywood star Leonardo Dicaprio doesn't pay attention to box office numbers.

8th July 2011

Fact: Leonardo Dicaprio was on hand to help celebrate movie producer pal Ryan Kavanaugh's marriage to dancer/choreographer Britta Lazenga in Capri, Italy on Thursday (07Jul11). Kavanaugh has produced a number of Hollywood blockbuster films including The Fighter, Limitless and Salt, which featured Angelina Jolie.

25th April 2011

Fact: Leonardo Dicaprio and Bradley Cooper were among the stars who attended film producer Ryan Kavanaugh's bachelor party in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico over the weekend (23-24Apr11).

18th April 2011

Fact: Paul McCartney, Leonardo Dicaprio and Robert Downey, JR. gave the Coachella Festival in California a superstar sizzle on Saturday (16Apr11), when they joined the stars in the crowds at the sun-soaked spectacular. They joined the likes of Katy Perry, Lindsay Lohan, Vanessa Hudgens, Danny DeVito, David Hasselhoff and celebrity couples Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson, Kate Bosworth and Alexander Skarsgard, Whitney Port and Ben Nemtin and Twilight actress Ashley Greene and Jared Followill at the Indio festivities.

25th January 2011

Quote: "When I moved to L.A., all the people back home were saying, 'So if you run into Leonardo Dicaprio...' and I'm like, 'I know, right? Imagine!' And then I end up doing a scene with him, with braces on my teeth, and pigtails, kissing him. I had a rude awakening and realised he was never going to leave Gisele Bundchen for me." Amy Adams was shocked to land her breakthrough role alongside her teenage crush LEONARDO DiCAPRIO in Catch Me If You Can.

26th November 2010

Quote: "I tried to prepare by reading dream analysis material, but the only thing I got from that was that there's something cathartic that happens in your mind when you're asleep." Leonardo Dicaprio on how he researched for his role as a dream thief in INCEPTION.

17th November 2010

Fact: Hollywood star Leonardo Dicaprio celebrated his 36th birthday in his supermodel girlfriend Bar Refaeli's native Israel last week (11Nov10). Family and friends joined the actor for the birthday break.

21st September 2010

Fact: Leonardo Dicaprio's 2002 movie Catch Me If You Can is to be turned into a Broadway musical. The show is due to be unveiled in April (11).

28th July 2010

Quote: "Who I date is always extremely dependant on their personality as well as an attraction... Otherwise there's no way it's going to last." Leonardo Dicaprio insists his attraction to his supermodel girlfriends is more than skin deep. The Inception hunk is currently dating Israeli beauty Bar Refaeli, while he's previously dated Brazilian stunner Gisele Bundchen.

22nd July 2010

Quote: "The two main competitors (I had) in the beginning, the blond-haired kids I went to audition with, one hung himself and the other died of a heroin overdose... I was never into drugs at all... Have a drink, have a smoke, that should be enough." Leonardo Dicaprio is a survivor of the young star circuit.

19th July 2010

Quote: "I've only been a soccer fan for two weeks, since my godson Milano wanted to go. But I'm a converted fan now. There's nothing like it." Leonardo Dicaprio has developed a love for the sport after attending the 2010 World Cup matches in South Africa with his 13-year-old godson.

16th July 2010

Quote: "Do I want to be a father? Yes, but I think I have a few more years. That said, I don't think I need to have children to play a father in the movies. This feeling is in me, I understand it completely. In my private life, I still have time to become a dad, and I've no desire to rush." Leonardo Dicaprio, 35, wants to be a dad someday.

11th July 2010

Quote: "I would love to do a bigger picture with Leonardo. I have a small part in INCEPTION and got to work with him for only one day. I play his father-in-law, I'll probably wind up as his grandfather next." SIR Michael Caine is itching for a meaty role alongside Leonardo Dicaprio.

30th March 2010

Fact: Brad Pitt and Leonardo Dicaprio originally wanted the roles Matt Damon and Ben Affleck played in Good Will Hunting.

20th February 2010

Quote: "When I was 12, people came to our school to tell us about professions. There was a salesman, a biologist and then someone said, 'Acting is a profession as well.' I thought, 'What? You can earn money with that?' From that moment, I knew I wanted to try it." Leonardo Dicaprio wanted to act after a career day at school.

18th February 2010

Quote: "You can never get used to (the paparazzi). It always shocks the hell out of you when these people pop out of nowhere… but it is what it is!" Hollywood superstar Leonardo Dicaprio is always surprised when snappers track him down when he's not working.

18th February 2010

Quote: "They are very similar. Not only do they look alike, they are both very lively and warm. No pretences at all." Designer Giorgio Armani's niece ROBERTA is fond of close pal Leonardo Dicaprio and his on/off model girlfriend Bar Refaeli.

18th February 2010

Quote: "He got nominated for an Oscar when he was just 11. He always wanted to be an actor. I just fell into acting." TWILIGHT star Robert Pattinson dismisses comparisons between his career and the rise to fame of former teen heart-throb Leonardo Dicaprio.

17th February 2010

Quote: "I try to practice what I preach. I've been driving a hybrid car for years now. My house is built green with solar panels. I admit I don't walk to work and I don't have a compost pile, but I am trying to set an example." Leonardo Dicaprio tries to be an eco-warrior.

17th February 2010

Quote: "I did have bloodcurdling nightmares of mass murders, and I woke up in the middle of the night and had to take the patches off." Leonardo Dicaprio's sleep suffered when he tried to give up cigarettes.

15th February 2010

Quote: "I’ve been doing this for a long time. Maybe I should try and focus on something different. No big break, nothing radical. Just a little time-out." Leonardo Dicaprio wants to take a brief break from Hollywood to focus his energy on new projects.

15th February 2010

Quote: "I've seen people have near-death experiences or lose things that are really important to them, then they stop and say, 'What is this crap that I'm focusing on? Why can't I just be happy to put my pants on in the morning?' That's the one thing my dad always told me: be happy to put your pants on every morning." Leonardo Dicaprio is determined not to take life too seriously.

9th February 2010

Quote: "He saved me. I was headed down a path of being one kind of actor, and he helped me become another one. The one I wanted to be.” Hollywood heart-throb Leonardo Dicaprio insists director Martin Scorsese has shaped his career.

9th February 2010

Quote: "Sometimes, you relate to an actor in ways you can't explain. I felt it with Harvey, I felt it with Robert, I feel it now. Over the course of years, you develop a rhythm that's hard to find in this business. But if you do find it, you don't let it go." Martin Scorsese compares his modern-day protege Leonardo Dicaprio with Hollywood legends ROBERT DeNIRO and Harvey Keitel.

1st February 2010

Quote: "I don't even know if that movie's happening, first off, and he doesn't need to convince me about anything. Usually, when that guy calls, before the end of the conversation, you wanna have 'yes' come out of your mouth." Leonardo Dicaprio insists moviemaker pal Martin Scorsese doesn't need to convince him to star in his new Frank Sinatra biopic.

20th January 2010

Quote: "I'm trying to talk him into it... The issue would be, you have the younger Frank, then you have the older Frank, then you have the middle-aged Frank... and so there's gonna be an interesting casting situation." Movie mogul Martin Scorsese on his plans to make a Frank Sinatra biopic with Leonardo Dicaprio.

11th January 2010

Quote: "My parents were like, 'Does this mean you're gonna do sexy movies now?' I said, 'Well, if they're done the right way, then maybe!' I mean, I’m not gonna do porn, but if it’s a Leonardo Dicaprio movie or whatever... Point is, it's time for me to start making my own decisions." Former child star Amanda Bynes is contemplating sexier movie roles after landing the cover of U.S. men's magazine, Maxim.

23rd December 2009

Fact: Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts and Mickey Rourke will join Robert De Niro and Leonardo Dicaprio as guest presenters at the 2010 Golden Globe Awards next month (Jan10). The ceremony will take place in Los Angeles on 17 January (10).

17th December 2009

Fact: Robert De Niro and Leonardo Dicaprio will present the Cecil B. DeMille Award to Martin Scorsese at the Golden Globes in January (10).

5th August 2009

Fact: Actor/producer Leonardo Dicaprio is revamping classic fairytale LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD for the big screen. The actor's production company Appian Way is developing a Gothic version of the centuries-old story - about a young girl who has an encounter with a wolf on the way to her grandmother's house.

23rd May 2009

Fact: Thursday night's (21May09) basketball showdown between the Los Angeles Lakers and Denver Nuggets was an all-star affair - Denzel Washington, Leonardo Dicaprio, Will Ferrell and Jake Gyllenhaal were spotted among the celebrity visitors to Staples Center, while Jack Nicholson and Tom Cruise treated their sons to courtside tickets.

4th April 2009

Fact: Irish actor Cillian Murphy is reteaming with his Batman BEGINS director Christopher Nolan for new movie INCEPTION. Leonardo Dicaprio has already been signed up for the sci-fi film; he will be joined by Murphy, Marion Cotillard and Ellen Page when shooting begins this summer (09).

26th March 2009

Fact: Leonardo Dicaprio is to be rewarded for his environmental efforts with a new Nickelodeon Kids' Choice honour. Fellow celebrity eco-warrior Cameron Diaz will present the actor with the first Big Green Help Award at the event on Saturday (28Mar09).

17th March 2009

Quote: "'Eat his face like a hamburger,' Steven said, Youre starving and youre looking at him like a hamburger or maybe an ice cream cone. Amy Adams will never forget the direction she received from Steven Spielberg before her kissing scene with Leonardo Dicaprio on-set of Catch Me If You Can.

2nd March 2009

Quote: "When I was single, a newspaper said I was going out with Leonardo Dicaprio. I was very jealous of myself then. It was when he looked hot!" Former SPICE GIRL Emma Bunton on her celebrity crush.

24th February 2009

Fact: The golden leaf pendant necklace Kate Winslet is wearing on the cover of the new Time magazine was a gift from her TITANIC and REVOLUTIONARY ROAD co-star Leonardo Dicaprio.

24th February 2009

Quote: "I almost had a physical breakdown at the end of it... A lot of what you see is my breaking point." Leonardo Dicaprio found shooting torture scenes in BODY OF LIES tough.

18th February 2009

Quote: "She looks good on the cover of Sports Illustrated... Somebody's lucky." Justin Timberlake is smitten with Leonardo Dicaprio's supermodel girlfriend Bar Refaeli, who was chosen as the cover girl for the 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue earlier this month (Feb09).

17th February 2009

Quote: "I have this scrapbook at home... It has his pictures and all his cuttings from magazines." SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE star Freida Pinto reveals her celebrity crush on Hollywood actor Leonardo Dicaprio.

12th February 2009

Fact: Leonardo Dicaprio's supermodel girlfriend Bar Refaeli has landed the job of hosting MTV's revival of HOUSE OF STYLE. Previous hosts of the popular 1990s fashion show include Cindy Crawford, Rebecca Romijn and MOLLY SIMMS.

9th February 2009

Quote: "I honestly think it's the best thing he's ever done but it's just the way the cookie crumbles. He's very broad shouldered, so I feel like I'm here on behalf of both of us." Kate Winslet was saddened that her REVOLUTIONARY ROAD co-star Leonardo Dicaprio wasn't nominated for a BAFTA honour.

19th January 2009

Quote: "He feels more like my husband than my real husband." Kate Winslet sometimes feels closer to her friend and REVOLUTIONARY ROAD co-star Leonardo Dicaprio than her husband, director Sam Mendes.

15th January 2009

Fact: Rapper 50 Cent's new videogame, BLOOD ON THE SAND, was inspired by Leonardo Dicaprio film BLOOD DIAMOND.

15th January 2009

Fact: Leonardo Dicaprio will replace Brad Pitt as the face of watchmaker Tag Heuer this spring (09).

12th January 2009

Quote: "One day I started sobbing at the piano, 'I can't do this any more'. That was the end of my piano lessons." Leonardo Dicaprio ended his musical ambitions early on in life.

12th January 2009

Quote: "Every few months we’d go to some hippie parade dressed up as mudmen in our underwear, carrying sticks and lathered in mud.” Leonardo Dicaprio on his unconventional upbringing.

8th January 2009

Quote: "I believe I'm gonna be going with KATE (WINSLET)... I'm sure he (director husband Sam Mendes) is fine (about that). I've known her for way longer anyway." Leonardo Dicaprio plans on taking his Revolutionary Road co-star to the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday (11Jan09) - as his date.

27th December 2008

Quote: "I don't really talk to anybody apart from Leo about what I am thinking of doing. Including Sam sometimes, actually." Kate Winslet prefers to take career advice from her TITANIC co-star Leonardo Dicaprio rather than director husband Sam Mendes.

24th December 2008

Quote: "I don’t really talk to anybody apart from Leo about what I am thinking of doing. Including Sam sometimes, actually.” Kate Winslet prefers to take career advice from her TITANIC co-star Leonardo Dicaprio rather than director husband Sam Mendes.

23rd December 2008

Quote: "Leo and I would play this silly game of 'Guess the press questions'. We would do versions of the questions and versions of the answers between ourselves." Kate Winslet and her REVOLUTIONARY ROAD co-star Leonardo Dicaprio have a unique way of entertaining themselves during press conferences.

12th December 2008

Quote: ''I think they'll go on doing a movie together only once every 10 years.'' Sam Mendes on actress wife Kate Winslet and her REVOLUTIONARY ROAD co-star Leonardo Dicaprio, who she starred with in the hit 1997 movie TITANIC.

10th December 2008

Fact: Leonardo Dicaprio's model girlfriend BAR RAFAELI is set to make her acting debut as a psychiatric patient in new movie THE SESSION, slated for release next year (09).

4th December 2008

Quote: "It's unbelievable work that he's done there - I think he really championed a fantastic cause. I have nothing but admiration for him in doing that. I mean, he took it into his own hands too and he really shepherded that whole project and got a lot of important people involved." Leonardo Dicaprio praises Brad Pitt's work in helping to rebuild New Orleans, Louisiana after it was devastated by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

26th November 2008

Quote: "Look at those foreheads move! I mean, he has this amazing furrow, which wasn't as prominent then... I just love seeing those things. I am enjoying my face changing." Kate Winslet realises she and her REVOLUTIONARY ROAD co-star Leonardo Dicaprio have aged since shooting TITANIC.

20th November 2008

Quote: "How great is (website) YouTube? Endless entertainment. Endless! Every day. What the hell? You can type in anything. Like 'frogs getting laid', and they have, like, 70 clips. It's fabulous." Leonardo Dicaprio reveals what he gets up to in his spare time.

17th November 2008

Quote: "I see these guys with their families, and it reaffirms for me that I definitely want a kid someday. I absolutely believe in marriage." Leonardo Dicaprio on seeing his friends Tobey Maguire, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon become parents.

6th November 2008

Quote: "I couldn't be more proud of my country right now and proud of being an American. I feel overwhelmed and I feel a tremendous weight has been lifted from my shoulders." Actor Leonardo Dicaprio on Barack Obama winning the 2008 U.S. presidential election.

3rd November 2008

Quote: "I think it is the true ideals and dreams of America to have an African-American president named Barack Obama to be the representation of the United States at a time like this... (Obama is) a man that has great policies, a man that is a great intellectual, who knows what he's doing." Leonardo Dicaprio gives the Democrat's campaign for the U.S. presidency one last push as America prepares to go to the polls on Tuesday (04Nov08).

5th October 2008

Quote: "Working with him is a little like hopping on a train. You just have to have faith and make that leap. But once you're on, you realise how focused he really is." Leonardo Dicaprio believes in his actor pal Russell Crowe's abilities.

3rd October 2008

Quote: “You had Gene Hackman and Sharon Stone and these actors who had been in the business for 30 years. We had only done a couple of small movies, and we weren't part of that superstar club. So we forged a friendship and started our own club.” Actor Russell Crowe's friendship with Leonardo Dicaprio was cemented when they starred in 1995 film The Quick and the Dead.

2nd October 2008

Fact: Former Faith No More frontman MIKE PATTON and System Of A Down singer Serj Tankian have recorded a new tune together for the soundtrack of Russell Crowe and Leonardo Dicaprio's action film BODY OF LIES. The song is titled Bird'S EYE.

1st October 2008

Quote: "I hope I never get cynical. I think you need youthful energy, excitement, and optimism in life. There is a lot I want to do, and the more cynical you become, the more you sit on your butt and do nothing. What I want is to be known as someone who stood for something." Leonardo Dicaprio still has plenty of ambition.

29th September 2008

Quote: "The two things that have changed about LEO since that time is he can drink legally and he's no longer a virgin." Russell Crowe on his BODY OF LIES co-star Leonardo Dicaprio, who he last worked with when he was a teenager in THE QUICK + THE DEAD.

25th September 2008

Fact: Tobey Maguire, Forest Whitaker and Jennifer Aniston have all shot a register-to-vote ad at Leonardo Dicaprio's Los Angeles home.

17th September 2008

Fact: The $9 million (GBP4.8 million) raised at a star-studded gala dinner and concert for Barack Obama in Los Angeles on Tuesday (16Sep08) was the biggest one-off sum ever handed over to a U.S. presidential candidate. Jodie Foster, Leonardo Dicaprio and Jamie Lee Curtis were among the Obama supporters who paid $28,500 (GBP15,400) to dine with the politician and Barbra Streisand performed at the after-dinner concert.

28th July 2008

Quote: "He's a f**king idiot. He's a big hip-hop head. He's actually funny. I tell him all the time that he needs to do a comedy." Rapper Q-TIP is close friends with Leonardo Dicaprio.

19th July 2008

Quote: "He's an idiot. He's a big hip-hop head. He's actually funny. I tell him all the time that he needs to do a comedy." Rapper QTIP on pal Leonardo Dicaprio.

11th July 2008

Fact: Hollywood director Brett Ratner has enlisted Leonardo Dicaprio's model girlfriend BAR RAFAELI to pose in a bikini for the world's first Jewish swimsuit calendar. Ratner is serving as guest editor at Jewish magazine Heeb for the publication's summer (08) issue.

21st February 2008

Fact: Leonardo Dicaprio is teaming up with studio Warner Bros. to produce a live-action film based on the 1988 animated Japanese movie AKIRA.

14th February 2008

Fact: Leonardo Dicaprio's girlfriend BAR RAFAELI, 22, has become the first Israeli model to feature in the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue.

2nd February 2008

Fact: Leonardo Dicaprio and Steven Spielberg were among the stars in the audience at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood on Thursday night (31Jan08) to watch presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama debate during a live CNN telecast.

2nd January 2008

Fact: Leonardo Dicaprio has confirmed reports he has rekindled his romance with on/off girlfriend BAR RAFAELI - they were spotted getting close to one another as they rang in the New Year (01Jan08) together at Las Vegas' The Bank at the Bellagio Hotel.

6th December 2007

Fact: Actors Leonardo Dicaprio and George Clooney have teamed up to work on a film based on U.S. politician HOWARD DEAN's failed 2004 presidential campaign. DiCaprio is to play JAY CARSON, former press secretary to Dean and now spokesperson for Senator Hillary Clinton, while Clooney will play political adviser JOE TRIPPI, according to the New York Post's gossip column Page Six.

2nd October 2007

Quote: "Inhabiting someone else for five months isn't healthy. You get to a certain age and ask, 'How many times can I bring myself to that place again?'" Leonardo Dicaprio wonders for how much longer he can continue method acting.

8th July 2007

Quote: "Our actions from this day forward will help determine just what sort of future we pass on to our children and to their children." Actor Leonardo Dicaprio address the crowd at the Live Earth concert held at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey on Saturday (07Jul07).

8th July 2007

Quote: "Our actions from this day forward will help determine just what sort of future we pass on to our children and to their children." Actor Leonardo Dicaprio address the crowd at the Live Earth concert held at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey on Saturday (07Jul07).

31st May 2007

Quote: "No, I took a train across the Atlantic." Environmental campaigner Leonardo Dicaprio answers a reporter's question about whether he flew to France's recent Cannes Film Festival by jet.

5th January 2007

Quote: "You've got a stylist with a hand fan and mineral water. And you get a nice lunch." Leonardo Dicaprio didn't suffer for his art on the hot South African set of new movie BLOOD DIAMOND.

19th December 2006

Quote: "He was the first person who ever made me completely speechless. I had a huge crush on him when I was 14." Mean Girls star Lacey Chabert confesses her teenage crush on Leonardo Dicaprio.

15th December 2006

Quote: "She always asks me why I don't look as pretty as I did in TITANIC and that I'm very ugly in this movie and I should put my hair back." Leonardo Dicaprio admits his opinionated German grandmother isn't a fan of his new movie BLOOD DIAMOND.

5th December 2006

Quote: "He does an amazing job and he's a wonderful human being... It would be great if there were more people doing the same." Brazilian supermodel GISELLE BUNDCHEN is still a fan of ex-boyfriend Leonardo Dicaprio's charity and environmental work.

5th December 2006

Quote: "I would have just stayed in school and stayed in drama class and have that be my outlet and, on career day, figured out how to be a biologist or a travel agent." Leonardo Dicaprio on what he would have done if his acting career didn't take off.

6th October 2006

Quote: "I think that's the greatest actor-director film collaboration in history, so to even mention me in the same breath is sacrilegious." Leonardo Dicaprio brushes off suggestions he is director Martin Scorsese's new Robert De Niro. DiCaprio and Scorsese have made three films together to date.

27th September 2006

Quote: "We would all just beat the c**p out of each other and then go home to our beds." Leonardo Dicaprio remembers his off-screen relations with co-stars Matt Damon and Jack Nicholson in new movie THE DEPARTED.

26th September 2006

Quote: "I was trying to figure out whether I wanted to be a travel agent or a biologist. I said, 'OK, maybe I'll give acting a shot and maybe that'll pay for college or something like that.'" Leonardo Dicaprio on his school meetings with careers advisors.

22nd September 2006

Quote: "When Jack came on the set he would do things that were just nuts. If you look at Leo and I in all our scenes with Jack, we are like deer caught in the headlights." Matt Damon and his co-star Leonardo Dicaprio were intimidated by Jack Nicholson's presence on the set of new movie THE DEPARTED.

19th September 2006

Quote: "I would give him friendly smacks on his cute little a**e because I'm only five foot and that's as far as I can reach." Actress MIRIAM MARGOYLES enjoyed being tactile with Leonardo Dicaprio when they co-starred in ROMEO + JULIET.

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