Review of Let's Stay Friends Album by Les Savy Fav

Les Savy Fav
Let's Stay Friends
Label - Wichita
Album Review

Les Savy Fav Let's Stay Friends Album

There's a swathe of North American indie bands, like Modest Mouse, Fiery Furnaces and Arcade Fire that you should really be listening to. To that list, New York's Les Savy Fav have quietly been adding their own name, through great records, great punk attitude and great (sometimes scary) live shows. Think Denmark's Figurines (and probably, therefore, The Cure) demolishing Band of Horses. Guest guitarist Andrew Reuland helps the band towards a nice Built To Spill sophistication, and the sound of the album does reach new levels of thrilling rock majesty. In fact, while there's no single musical theme running through Let's Stay Friends, the lyrical theme is an exploration of what it means to stay true while all around you goes nuts. This is punk, but played well - it's the Kaiser Chiefs with Pistols and Arctics character - and the spirit of the 70s is alive and well throughout. Let's Stay Friends is by some distance Les Savy Fav's best record.


Mike Rea

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