Actress Leslie Mann and her husband Judd Apatow sleep in separate rooms - because the filmmaker snores too loudly. The Knocked Up couple - Mann starred in the hit movie, which was directed by Apatow - have been married for years and have two children together. But Mann can't get any sleep if Apatow is by her side. She says, "We don't sleep in the same bed. He snores really loud. "It's not like that soft, soothing snore that kind of lulls you to sleep. It's more intermittent, it starts, and stops, and you don't know when it's going to start up again... It sounds like he's choking on his own tongue or something. It's not sexy." Mann jokes, "I sleep with my little one (daughter) - she pees a lot - and we sometimes forget to put diapers on her so I wake up covered in pee. But that's better than snoring. At least it's quiet."