Leslie Mann regrets using her marriage as inspiration for 'This Is 40'.

The 'Other Woman' star admits she became ''annoyed'' by the ''invasive'' questions about her relationship with director Judd Apatow when she starred alongside Paul Rudd in her husband's 2012 romantic comedy, because people failed to understand that aspects had been ''exaggerated'' for entertainment value.

Leslie, 42, told Stylist magazine: ''The thing that bothered me, and I always tell Judd this, a lot of it is based on our lives but some of it is based on our friends' lives or whatever. I mean, we decided to put it out there, it's our own fault, but I did feel it was a little invasive at times. I kept getting annoyed because it was like, 'Argh! Everyone's in my business!''

Leslie - who has daughters Maude and Iris with Judd - insists it has always been her own choice to put her career on hold in order to raise her children and she often feels ''incredibly guilty'' when she has to leave them to shoot her next film.

She explained: ''I have put stuff on hold - little bits here and there. There were times I chose to raise my kids, to be with them. And Judd makes more money than me so it makes sense. Even now they're 11 and 16, I feel incredibly guilty being away from them. I miss them so much. It's hard because when I'm with them every single day and night and they're like 'Do this! Get me that! Drive me here!' I'm like 'Argh! I wish I could be off working!' But I try to find the balance, even though it's impossible.''