Review of Go Hard Album by Lethal Bizzle

Review of Lethal Bizzle's album Go Hard

Lethal Bizzle Go Hard Album

Lethal Bizzle has had to watch on as Tinchy Stryder and most notably Dizzee Rascal have managed to take grime into the mainstream. Admittedly they've don't it by pandering to the popularity of pop and electro-house, but it's success all the same and has gifted them the 'Money Power Respect Fame' that Bizzle talks about on Go Hards relentless opener. Ambitions of joining Dizzee and co in the top 10 have yet to come to fruition but it's not for the want of trying, a collaboration with Kate Nash on last album Back to Bizzness as well as Gallows and Mark Ronson this time around, it certainly hints at an artist striving for a lot more than most around at the moment.

Single Go Hard certainly has the right intentions, listing his mainstream achievements 'Jay-z concert, Is it? Yeah man it is/Youtube is it? Rockstar, top five digits, Enemy Init' over a drum 'n' bass that's soon met by Donaeo's vocals to satisfying effect. Of the many collaborations Bizzle has made, Gallows starring in Rockstar has to be the weakest, featuring some clichéd spinal tap guitar riffs it fails to inspire despite some humorous lyrics here and there. It doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to locate the Mark Ronson track on Go Hard, even without his name being dropped at the start, Lost My Mind has his grubby fingerprints all over it. Featuring a grating fiddle loop that surely could be used in a tough interrogation in order get answers, it's a low key affair that while bringing a much needed tempo drop to the album, doesn't end up leaving too much of an impression.

Aside from those low points the rest of the album plays out pretty successfully, second single Going Out Tonight, is as grimy as it gets with a filthy beat that's designed for impeccable dance floors rather than the mud drenched festivals he's found himself playing of late. The use of Salt n Pepper's Push it also works surprisingly well and could well result in being a third single as it definitely has enough about it to gain Bizzle some much needed exposure.

Sam Marland

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