He's the name on everybody's lips at the moment and not simply because of his extraordinary debut album. Lewis Capaldi is one of the most relatable musicians to top the charts in a long time, so even if you're not a fan of his music, you can't help but be of a fan of him as a person. Here are five things we love about this Scottish singer-songwriter.

Lewis Capaldi in concert at the O2 Academy Brixton, London 2019 / Photo Credit: Ollie Millington/Rmv/Zuma Press/PA ImagesLewis Capaldi in concert at the O2 Academy Brixton, London 2019 / Photo Credit: Ollie Millington/Rmv/Zuma Press/PA Images

1. He's exactly the same as us

He looks like one of us. He talks like one of us. He eats like one of us. And he's just as weird and awkward as any of us. OK, so we're not all distantly related to a Doctor Who, but in every other respect Lewis Capaldi is not the clean-cut superstar we've come to expect from up and coming megastars. Even Ed Sheeran had that coy, brooding mystery about him when he first started out. Lewis just feels like one of our mates. (Please be our mate, Lewis!)

2. He's hilarious

I don't think I've enjoyed watching interviews with a musician this much in ages (apart from Billie Eilish, of course). He doesn't tone down his language for anyone, and we can't get enough of his self-depricating humour and extraordinary habit of extreme oversharing. Sophomoric humour isn't for everyone, of course, but we can't help having a giggle whenever a new interview comes up.

3. His response to Noel Gallagher's criticism

It's safe to say Lewis wasn't in the least bit offended when Noel Gallagher branded him an "idiot" while calling this generation's music "f***ing w**k". In fact, he was so excited that he got slagged off by the former Oasis star that he Instagrammed himself watching it several times, exclaiming "I've peaked!"

4. His music

Obviously. I mean, this newcomer spent seven weeks at number one with his single Someone You Loved, taken from his equally brilliant debut studio album Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent. It's heartfelt romantic pop completely at odds with his light-hearted and comedic personality, and we're completely obsessed.

5. He did a paid partnership with Greggs

When you're famous you get all sorts of opportunities to team up with different brands, some of which are very glamorous indeed. We can only assume that Lewis Capaldi has had plenty of offers, but which one does he take up? Greggs. Yup. The beloved British bakery chain reached out to him for a partnership and he took it up, even spending the day doing some work experience behind the counter at a local branch. Legend!