Lewis Capaldi has announced plans for 'Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent: Finale’.

The 'Someone You Loved' hitmaker will round off an incredible journey since his debut album's initial release in 2019 by dropping a double album featuring audio of his huge show at London's Wembley Arena earlier this year.

The special collection has been confirmed for December 4, with the first disc including the full deluxe edition of the album, and the second being a mix of his biggest headline concert to date.

The 24-year-old singer played two gigs at Wembley Arena in March, with both nights selling out before his debut LP dropped.

He's currently set to perform at London's O2 Arena later next year, with sold out shows booked for October 14 and 15.

Lewis played a special virtual gig earlier this month as part of the 'I'm Lovin' It Live' festival through the McDonald's app, and while he's missing performing for a live crowd, he would still do more livestream shows in the future.

He recently said: “I can’t do an encore virtually, because no one is here. I normally tell people to sing along but can’t because no one is here...

“I will sing again for the money. I’m not a fool. Times are tough, you’ve got to squeeze every penny. Thanks for giving me something to do. See you next time, if the cash is right.

“All jokes aside, this year has been terrible for everyone. Do you know what I hate? Coronavirus. I hate it.”

He was busy writing new material amid the coronavirus lockdown earlier this year, saying it was a "fruitful and a busy pandemic".

He previously explained: "I’ve got loads of songs done for it. I’ve written about 30 so far in the course of lockdown - it’s been a fruitful and a busy pandemic for me, but four of them are good.

"There are four songs that I’m pretty pleased with."