Lewis Hamilton could be set to break into the music business in the near future, having recently made his singing debut on Christina Aguilera's song 'Pipe' from her latest album 'Liberation'. He recorded under the pseudonym XNDA, but it hasn't taken fans long to work out who the man behind it was.

Lewis Hamilton at the CFDA Fashion awardsLewis Hamilton at the CFDA Fashion awards

The 33-year-old Formula One racer has been credited as a co-writer on the track, which was unveiled earlier this month with the rest of Christina's new album, and she confessed that she's been 'dying for everyone to find out [who they are] as they're definitely multi-talented'.

Earlier this year, Christina performed at Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix and unveiled a promo video for her album; perhaps it was a major clue about this unusual partnership?

Hamilton revealed his desire to get into music several years ago, but he's been far more focuseed on the race than the studio up until now. He is, however, currently working on what will eventually be his debut release as an artist. It's not yet known whether or not he'll keep the XNDA pen-name.

'Music's been a huge passion of mine since I was really young, I started playing guitar when I was thirteen', he told CBS' 60 Minutes. 'In here, I can be me. I can be vulnerable. I can show a side of me that people don't get to see. The plan was that it always started as a hobby but it's got a point now where it's very serious, and we spend a lot of time in here. If I'm not training, getting ready for the race, I'm here.'

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Back in 2016, he spoke about his work on an full-length record. 'I wish I could release my album this year, but right now I'm focused on working on getting the fourth championship', he said. 'I hope at some stage people will hear it, but it's not ready yet.'